3 Common Conferencing Woes As Told By Emojis

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While we consider ourselves pretty tech-savvy over here at FreeConferenceCall.com, even we aren’t immune to the inevitable and often hilarious scenarios that come with using conference calling on the daily.  

With so many outside factors impacting our 📞s, a remote meeting is certainly never boring. There’s the person that’s always late to the call types 🤦 face palm emoji 🤦 in the group chat or the guy who talks in a monotone voice about things way outside our realm of understanding 😴😴.

We hear barking and coffee orders in the middle of meetings about as much as next year’s budget plans — to put it this way: we’ve written “white mocha no whip” down in our meeting notes more than once, 🤷 insert shrug emoji 🤷.

So to keep our sanity, we usually turn to our work group chats for a much needed laugh and a common agreement that yes, a post-work happy hour is probably needed.

Below we’ve outlined the top 3 conferencing scenarios we experience that are less than ideal…using emojis, because they just get us.

  1. Having to say hello or introduce yourself every time a new person joins the call — so, 35 times.
  2. Not hearing the presenter but hearing children screaming, dogs barking, coffee ordering, and everything in between.
  3. Awkward silences from the person who forgot to take themselves off mute… again.

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