Thank You Very Much

I would like to express my thanks to all of you who make up our wonderful community.

When schools went virtual we took it as our responsibility to help. We were in a unique position to make sure teachers and students had the tools they needed to create an effective, virtual learning environment. Read More...

Showing Gratitude to Our Community

Recently I sent out an email to thank our wonderful community. I wanted to say thank you for helping us provide free communications to people around the world. I also wanted to share some stories that had been shared with us. Stories from people who used our tools to stay connected with friends and family during this pandemic. Stories from non-profits who are focused on creating lasting changes in their communities. And stories from churches around the world who have continued to gather in fellowship because of the free audio and video conferencing we are only able to provide because of you, our incredible community of users.

In this email I also asked people to share their stories with us. I was overwhelmed. The stories were beyond powerful. In particular, many stories were shared about the transformative moment we as a country, and, hopefully as a world, are experiencing. Here is one such story: Read More...

Comparing the Benefits of Audio-only Meetings and Video Conferences

Two people having a video conference

Video conferencing has quickly grown in popularity, and for good reason. With more people working remotely, online conferences have seen a huge spike in use.

While video conferencing is a powerful tool for communicating online, its dramatic increase in popularity overshadowed the benefits of audio-only conferences, leaving many with the impression that audio-only meetings are no good. But we think differently. There are a handful of benefits and drawbacks that come with both communication options, and we’re here to get to the bottom of it all. Read More...

How to Improve Audio Quality on a Conference Call

Man having a phone call in front of a laptop

With more people turning to conference calls to stay connected, audio quality is becoming increasingly more important. People depend on high quality conference calls for exchanging information accurately and staying engaged in their conversations.

There are a handful of things you can do to improve your audio quality and ensure you experience the best your conferencing service has to offer. Read More...

5 Ways Business Will Change After Covid-19

People doing business on table.jpg

Over the past month, the world of business changed dramatically. Covid-19 left an imprint on companies everywhere, forcing leaders, employees and everyone in between to use video conferencing to stay in touch. The global workforce shifted from coming into an office five days a week to working exclusively from home.

According to Fortune Magazine, “[company leaders] are thinking about more permanent changes in how we all work—shifts that will last much longer than this crisis and could forever reconfigure the entire notion of offices.” Read More...