Nutty Professoring and Going Along for the Ride: David Erickson Talks Entrepreneurship with Dean Rotbart of Monday Morning Radio

What do you get when you mix a self-professed telecommunications “wannabe” with a healthy dose of bootstrapping, a little naiveté and a dash of revenue sharing with a small Iowa phone company? Make sure to leave out the venture capital. Cook 15 years. And that, somewhat surprisingly, is the recipe for nine-digit revenue and the most recognized retail conferencing brand on the planet. As founder and CEO David Erickson tells Dean Rotbart on Monday Morning Radio, it’s “some kind of nutty professor stuff.” Indeed it is, Dave.

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Cyber Monday

Happy Cyber Monday, y’all. Time to get your technology on. So come on down to and check out our low, low prices. Nonexistent, actually. And with every account, get the works:

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Wishing for World Peace? Have We Got an Easy Win for You.

It’s been an emotionally charged month here in the U.S., and people around the world report feeling divided (Pew Research Center, 2016). That gives World Hello Day particular relevance this November as a day of greeting and goodwill dedicated to promoting peace and bridging barriers between nationalities. Taking part couldn’t be easier. With the aim of reaching outside your established circles of communication, say hi and greet at least 10 people.  

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Get the Gravy on Gratitude: 8 Benefits of Giving Thanks That Last Longer Than Leftovers

Grandfather and grandson take a selfie over Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving comes to the U.S. just once a year, yet there are year-round benefits to being grateful. Research has repeatedly shown that grateful people are healthier and happier than those who don’t express gratitude. That’s enough to make anyone want to shout “thank you” from the rooftops. But in lieu of that — we have a lot of tile roofing here in California, it’s a bit precarious to climb on — is celebrating Thanksgiving by shining our proverbial light on the benefits of adopting that attitude of gratitude. Here’s why being grateful this Thanksgiving and beyond is good for you:  

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A Perfect Marriage of (No) Cost and Convenience: Event Planning with

Organization of events, manager planning party. Creative work, event company, startup, small business concept

At, we love to hear about all the creative ways of using our service. Ready for the latest addition to an ever-expanding list? According to Ashanti First Class Travel and Concierge, is 1 of 4 Tools That Will Make Planning Your Wedding Much Easier.

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Get on the Right Path: Publishes New E-Book for Virtual Meetings

The medium of collaboration has changed. Virtual conferencing is fast replacing the boardroom for everyday meetings. With the availability of cloud-based collaboration services, all knowledge workers have the opportunity to increase engagement and build business relationships. So while workers continue to meet around the conference room table, chances are at least a few are joining remotely.

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Blurring the Lines: User-Driven Value in the Enterprise Conferencing and Collaboration Space

By Jill Huselton

Trend-watchers like analyst Dave Michels have called it: Enterprise communications and collaboration clearly are moving toward messaging and social models found in consumer apps. In the consumerization of IT, services such as Slack and Cisco Spark are increasingly turning to the streamlined tools and UI elements found in consumer social services to promote sharing and collaboration.

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