Ready to Rock Your AV World at InfoComm 2016

Las Vegas Sign

From June 8-10, For Business™ will be in Las Vegas at InfoComm 2016, the largest show in the U.S. for commercial AV solutions and the locus of cutting-edge audiovisual technology trends and products. We’ll be rubbing elbows with other industry thought leaders as well as 40,000 AV-industry peers from 108+ countries.

And we won’t stop there. President, Bob Wise, will join two panels this year. First, Wise will moderate Mobility and Unified Communications – Now It Gets Personal on Wednesday, June 8, 10:30am – noon. Attendees will learn about the growth of personal and mobile collaboration tools and get a glimpse of where the trends are headed. Panelists will dive deep into the current and future state of desktop and mobile devices and take a look at the impact on organizations and the way forward for users.

Wise will also be a panelist on UC as a Service – Has the Cloud Changed Our Sweet Spot?, taking place Wednesday, June 8, 3:30 – 4:30. Panelists will explore the current state of Collaboration as a Service (CaaS) offerings and consumption models, as well as how to optimally leverage cloud services and differentiate cloud from managed services. It will be a discussion that’s aimed at breaking down CaaS pros and cons.

Sound pretty good? Well, we still aren’t done. You can also find us in the Exhibit Hall showcasing the For Business transformative conferencing and collaboration solutions for the enterprise.

Stop by Booth N2616 and check out how For Business is facilitating innovation by revolutionizing how teams connect and saving customers up to 80% on business conferencing.

Stop by our booth and we’ll show you how our low, flat-rate pricing model can work for your company. You can also get a demo of our HD audio conferencing and Online Meetings with screen sharing and video conferencing. Our services give you a minimal risk, maximum return solution that boasts G2 Crowd’s highest overall user satisfaction score and award-winning customer care.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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Take the Sting Out of Conference Calling

Good communication with a client

By Jennifer Zeidler, VP of Marketing & Communication,

According to an article published today in, the user experience for conferencing “is getting better all the time.”  As long-time user of, highlights the company as an “awesome” solution for audio conferencing and Online Meetings with screen sharing and video.

Conference calls are a big part of work life today…Because we spend so much time in meetings, we want conference-calling systems that that launch quickly and work flawlessly so we can get the information we need and move on to other pressing matters…The good news is that the leading conference call services are full of features that take the sting out of group calls and online meetings. 

CIO said it uses not only to save on cost, but for “its ease of use and familiarity.”

The high-quality, reliable free service – with users in more than 800,000 businesses worldwide – now accommodates up to 1,000 participants for HD audio and video conferences.

And, if you are interested in unique co-branded managed services for businesses, check out For Business or inbox me to learn more.

We’ll show you how to save up to 80% on your conferencing spend – and find out what “awesome” is all about.

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Think Outside the Card: How to Celebrate Mother’s Day With FreeConferenceCall.Com

family conference call

With Mother’s day just around the corner, we thought we’d share some easy tips for a unique way to celebrate. Chocolate, flowers and homemade cards are always a great gift for mom. But, why not think outside the card this year by getting the entire family together on a conference call for your mom or grandma.

If your family is spread out across the states or out of the country, mom or grandma would appreciate everyone getting together – virutally. Make this Mother’s Day a family affair by connecting the entire family, across the miles, with HD audio and video conferencing from It is not only on trend, it’s also very sentimental.

Conference calling is the perfect way to get everyone together for one simple and touching phone call to mom or grandma for free.

Your mom or grandma will surely appreciate having the entire family together — and hearing everyone’s voices together – a rarity in today’s busy and bustling world. Whether the kids or grandchildren are off to college or living far away, conferencing is the next best thing to being there.

Here’s how it works:

  1. After logging into your account, invite your family via email, using the invite form. The email will then notify your family of the date and time of the conference call and provide your Dial-In Number and Access Code.
  2. At the scheduled time, everyone calls the Dial-In Number and enters the Access Code followed by the pound (#) sign.
  3. If you are the host, you will be required to enter the Host PIN followed by the pound sign.

And, if you prefer to video conference, you can use your account to connect face-to-face with your loved ones across the miles.

All of us at want to wish moms everywhere a Happy Mother’s Day!

P.S. We’d love to see how you connect with your  mom on Monther’s Day. Send us a picture of your conference call by posting it on your social media channels and using the hashtag #SheDeservesACall

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Get Smart About Conferencing Bills: 14 “Little” Fees That Really Add Up

man paying bills

By Bob Wise, President,

From its innovative (and humble) beginnings back in 2001, has surged to become the fifth largest conferencing provider globally by minute volume. That level of growth wasn’t achieved by passing off costs to customers, but rather by providing high-quality solutions that are responsive, flexible and cost-effective—paired with a service that’s completely transparent.

When I joined as its president, the company had already built a strong base of trust with more than 5 million users, 800,000 businesses and users from nearly every Fortune 500 company. With that in place, one of my first moves was to evaluate how to best leverage our secure platform and services. We created For Business™ with solutions designed for larger enterprises that offer managed services, co-branding opportunities and most importantly, a huge cost savings.

As it turns out, saving businesses on their conferencing spend was remarkably straightforward. Need proof? Get your business conferencing invoices and prepare yourself for a shock. That sky-high number probably includes costly toll-free dial-in access plus more extra service fees than you can count on two hands. Don’t you think it’s time to re-evaluate your conferencing spend and start getting smarter about what you pay to collaborate?

Stop Paying Unnecessary, Additional Fees

Now take a moment to examine the fine print on your conferencing bill. Look at the bottom for additional fees and see how fast they add up. Chances are, you and your employees aren’t using all of the expensive add-ons.

Somewhere among all the line items for actual usage, you’ll probably find charges for any number of things, including:

  • Conference minimums (both number of participants and call duration)
  • Summary reports
  • International access
  • Professional services
  • End-user support
  • Admin portals
  • Licensing fees for features that aren’t used
  • Recording line and set-up
  • Archive playback
  • File storage
  • Telecom surcharges
  • Mailed or paper invoices
  • Bridging fees
  • Service charges

A fixed monthly cost is much more practical and cost-effective. That is what drives our mission at For Business. We are disrupting the enterprise conferencing market by offering audio conferencing with online meetings, including screen sharing and video conferencing for up to 1,000 participants per account, plus managed services, customizations, unified billing and analytics — all for a low, fixed monthly cost. We’ve always stayed true to our mission: collaborative communication should be affordable and efficient. We earn our customers’ trust and loyalty by not charging for any of those extra fees. 

Critical Features and Lower Costs: You Can Have It All

Are you ok with wasting money on all of these extras that, in many cases, don’t bring value to your users, but pad the wallet of your provider? What new IT projects could you fund if you were able to shift thousands of dollars from your current conferencing expense? After more than 20 years, conferencing technology has evolved to the point that businesses no longer have to choose between critical features and lower costs.

In a recent Wainhouse Research study, 51 percent of IT decision makers affirmed they would consider moving to a new service if the cost were 50 percent less than their current provider; 48 percent said “Maybe” but the new service would need to be equal to or better than the current service. We understand that collaborative communication has to deliver on quality and efficiency and are providing just that with an innovative pricing model that will save you more than 50 percent.

Ready to say good-bye to the status quo? Download this free white paper to learn how companies are drastically reducing their conferencing costs without sacrificing quality or features. Then talk to us today about how we can help you. Contact our team at or 844-800-4000.

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Attending Interop? Here’s How to Leave a Hero

Welcome to Las Vegas

By Brad Dupee For Business™ is excited to be part of this year’s dynamic Interop Conference in Las Vegas from May 2-6. We’ll be participating in five days of world-class education, cutting edge speakers, informative sessions and unlimited networking opportunities.

Stop by Booth #255

Of course, we’re also heading to the Interop Conference to connect with IT professionals. At the Interop Expo, we’ll showcase the innovative business conferencing and collaboration solutions you’ve been waiting for. So stop by Booth #255 and check out how For Business is revolutionizing how your teams connect.

High-Quality Services at Lower Costs

Even better, we’re doing it all for less than our competitors. When you visit our booth, we’ll show you how our high-quality, low-cost HD audio conferencing and online meetings with screen sharing and video conferencing can save your business up to 80% on conferencing.

And because we don’t tack on fine print and hidden fees, you can head home with a minimal risk, maximum return solution that boasts G2 Crowd’s highest overall user satisfaction score and award-winning customer service.

In short, we’ll make you a hero. See you at Interop!


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Connect Without Access Codes

Man looking at One Number Text

The days of remembering long access codes to enter a conference call are finally over!

We are thrilled to introduce One Number by Joining a conference call is now easier than ever.  We created this service so that no access codes are needed to host or join. Plus, the host will receive text notifications the minute the first caller joins the conference.  

Don’t wait. Buy it today! Purchase One Number in the app store for $3.95/month and grant pin-free access to the conference for you and your participants.


Log in to your account to purchase One Number today.

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What is an Online Meeting?

We are glad you asked! We created this short video to showcase how easy it is to use your account for screen sharing, video conferencing, drawing tools, chat and more!

Send us a picture on social, of the view behind your Online Meeting, using the hashtag #MyMeetingWasHere. We love hearing from our amazing customers!

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2 Steps to Improving Participation on Your Next Business Conference Call

smiling businessman

By Brad Dupee

Corporations increasingly understand that groups tend to innovate faster, recognize mistakes more efficiently and identify better solutions to problems. Tapping into these collaboration benefits requires that we ensure universal participation during business conference calls. So how do we get the level of participation we need? Remember, if your team members don’t participate, they can’t add value.

Strong participation is correlated with a high degree of subject-matter engagement and reflects one’s comfort in contributing to the discussion. So let’s start by the two most critical components of engagement that support participation — and result in the best possible collaboration.

1. Get the Right Tools: A Platform for Success

Successful collaborators don’t just work with each other — they work together. To begin, you’ll need a platform like For Business™ that allows you to easily share meeting resources before your conferences. When it’s time for the meeting to start, you should have multiple pathways for real-time participation at your fingertips — such as screen sharing, video conferencing, audio and chat functionalities.

Tip: Don’t underestimate the power of chat. As Jaclyn Kostner, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Bridge the Distance, Inc. related to Forbes Insights, instead of going around the virtual table to present ideas or solutions one-by-one, a moderator can state an issue and “each person in the [virtual] meeting can offer an idea all at the same time by typing it into the group chat.”

Just as Kostner concludes, virtual collaboration can result in better participation than face-to-face meetings. “Participants will be more deeply engaged, since there’s an instantaneous response to their participation – their input matters.”

2. Take the Right Approach: An Attitude to Facilitate Conversations

What about the other side of the participation coin? While tools that are both useful and usable can enable collaboration, a friendly platform isn’t enough to ensure that all your participants get involved. As Kostner explains, “You have to know how to get and keep everyone actively engaged.”

In virtual collaboration, it can be challenging to get teams to bond and facilitate a comfortable give and take. As a leader, your task is to create the kind of healthy emotional climate that will encourage participation.

A survey by Wainhouse Research found that 60% of people would be more willing to speak up on a conference call if their voice was masked. Seize the role of moderator by acknowledging that you can’t count on people to contribute on their own. Leaders need to encourage participation and engagement and dispel any fears, so invite people to share their thoughts, but carefully regulate your tone of voice and language to communicate that it’s acceptable if they do not choose to. Your goal is to have a real conversation and that doesn’t come from strict regulations or the threat of repercussions.

According to Harvard Business School professor Amy Edmonson, building a healthy team climate starts with leaders encouraging team members to be curious, passionate, and empathic: “When leaders ask genuine questions and listen intently to the responses, display deep enthusiasm for achieving team goals and show they’re attuned to everyone’s diverse perspectives no matter their position in the hierarchy, curiosity, passion and empathy start to take root in a culture.”

Improving meeting participation can be pretty straightforward. Step one is to secure a platform like For Business that delivers those essential ingredients for participation. And step two: boost your moderator role to model a teaming culture that encourages people to freely contribute. That’s how you’ll optimize participation and grasp the full range of benefits from collaboration.

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Online Meetings Now With 1,000 Participants for FREE

Business People Cheering

Today, Inc Magazine announced that we have removed the limit of 25 participants for Online Meetings and you can now host audio, screen sharing and video conferences for up 1,000 participants for FREE.

We recently introduced Online Meetings with screen sharing and video conferencing to provide our customers with a complete collaboration experience. Already, millions of customers are enjoying this service because it is simple and easy-to-use.

The freedom to do more…Do more work, with more people, in less time with top-quality, secure, and free collaboration tools. Online Meetings include: HD audio, screen sharing and video conferencing.

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Key Takeaways from Enterprise Connect 2016

Cloud Communications

By Brad Dupee, SVP Business Markets, For Business

You may have thought that 2016 was the Year of the Monkey — and you’d be right — if you didn’t have the opportunity to attend last week’s Enterprise Connect conference in Orlando, Fla. Yet as For Business™ or any other event-goer could tell you, we are now living in the “Year of the Cloud”.

According to keynote and session speakers alike, enterprise communications is in a state of transformation. While we’ve heard about cloud and hybrid solutions for the last several years, the trends at Enterprise Connect indicate that we’ve rounded the bend. Service providers are moving full speed ahead into cloud-based offerings. As Michelle Burbick of No Jitter noted, “transformational speak seemed to keep coming back to cloud…all at once, everybody is ready to at least consider cloud solutions, if not go full-in on it.”

Cloud-based solutions offer lower cost, lower maintenance and faster deployment times for a range of Unified Communications (UC) solutions, including:

  • Mobility
  • App development
  • Software
  • Services

Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) is freeing up the business conferencing space, particularly for those enterprises looking to the cloud to become more agile and cut costs. “We’re seeing a strong interest in UCaaS, primarily as a means to improve flexibility and agility, both in how companies buy licenses and in how they can take advantage of emerging capabilities,” explained Irwin Lazar, Nemertes Research analyst. “Reducing upfront capital cost is a major buying factor.”

Frost & Sullivan researchers agree and see the effects this shift to the cloud and towards UCaaS has in business conference call services. “The landscape is changing for mid-sized and large companies that are looking for high-quality, affordable alternatives to their existing conferencing services. There are now options available at very low costs that don’t ask organizations to compromise on necessary user experience, security, reliability or other business requirements.” For Business is poised to help enterprises take advantage of this evolution. The cloud-based service is transforming the traditional approach to conferencing by offering free audio conferencing and online meetings with a low monthly managed services fee. This pricing model allows users to take advantage of a single platform for conference calls, screen sharing and/or video meetings, depending on their collaboration requirements. Enterprises get a fixed monthly invoice and no longer have to worry about being charged for functionality that isn’t used. The managed services include add-ons that give IT teams more control over the user experience, such as dedicated bridges and dial-in numbers, white-label branding and analytics.

Did you attend Enterprise Connect? If so, what was your biggest takeaway or “A-ha!” moment? Tell us in the comments section below.

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