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It's Easy to Call Santa's Phone Number

Is this your first time calling the original Santa's Hotline? Just call the number listed above and wait for Santa to pick up the phone. Have your child leave a message for Santa. When you use your mobile phone, Santa will send a text so you can listen or share your child's message with the whole family!

See Why You Should Call Santa's Hotline

Learn How to Leave a Message for Santa

Watch the Excitement of Calling Santa Clause

Parents Explain the Magic of Calling Santa

Father, son and pet dog sitting on bed with mobile phone to call Santa's Hotline with Christmas lights in background

“Santa’s hotline is perfect for the holidays. My nephew and I get together at the beginning of December so we can share what we want for Christmas with Santa. He loves it!"

- Ryan E, United Kingdom

Mother and son sit outside in warm climate with a mobile phone on speaker, listening to Santa's Hotline

“I've been waiting (impatiently) for my daughter to be old enough for Santa's Hotline. Yup, she LOVED calling Santa this year. Thanks Santa!"

– Kelly K., United States

With Christmas lights in the background, a small family walks outside in winter and leaves a message on Santa's Hotline

“My child looks forward to calling Santa Claus every year. It's a family tradition and it gives me a hint of what Santa is going to bring.”

– Karolina L., Sweden

*Standard calling and messaging charges may apply