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Automatic download did not occur

Please see instructions below for manual download.

This may be due to the fact that Java is not installed on this computer or you did not allow Java applet to start. You can proceed with the manual download or if you already have the Online Meetings application on this computer, please run it now.

I never used Online Meetings before

I already have the Online Meetings executable

Step 1 To download FCCI.dmg, press the button below.

Step 2 Save Online Meetings to your computer.

Step 3Install Online Meetings to your PC by double clicking on the downloaded file.

Option 1 Online Meetings launches from your desktop within seconds when you double click the Online Meetings icon from your applications folder.

Option 2 If there is no icon on your desktop or applications folder, you can find it by searching in the Finder. Open Finder and type ‘FCCI’ into the search field.


To avoid this message in the future and allow for faster download of Online Meetings, please consider enabling Java 6 on your browser. To download it now, please follow this link.

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