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  • Dial-in number:
    (605) 313-6125
  • Access code: 785947
  • Online meeting ID:
  • International dial-in numbers:

Host Info

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USMMG Meeting Room

The USMMG Meeting Room hosts conference calls, webinars, and online meetings for it's affiliates. Anyone attending an event must abide by the following rules:

1. All callers must be muted during calls.

2. All comments must be relevant to the topic.

3. Everyone must be respectful of the host at all times.

4. Recording of meetings must be authorized by host.

5. Commercial use of broadcast is strictly prohibited.


The host of each meeting has the authority granted by USMMG to boot any and all participants in violation of these rules. Anyone booted more than three times will be banned from attending future meetings.

>Network Marketing Secrets: 1st Tuesday Of Every Month @ 7:30pm >Business For Beginners: 1st Saturday Of Every Month @ 10:00am >Credit Counseling 101: 2nd Tuesday Of Every Month @ 7:30pm >Power Of Credit Weekend Workshop: 2nd Saturday Of Every Month @ 10:00am