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Karen Heck & Bonnie Pond





A Confused Mind Don't Sale or Buy



If you’re confuse then how do you expect others to understand what it is you have to offer and how do YOU expect to know what it is that you need to purchase for your business or life? At the beginning of the year everyone is revved up, ready to go to make the changes in their lives and businesses, but those feelings don’t last and by mid-Janurary you find yourself making excuses for obstacles.

Join Bonnie and Karen as they give you 3 power tips to find out how to create a good strategic action plan that works and if your obstacles are true obstacles what do you need to do to get past them? Find how you get to your “TA DA” moment if you’re not prepared? Understand how your Accountability Partner-Adviser (APA) can help you with your strategic action plan and achieve your desired goal(s).