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Free Conference Call helps take businesses to the next level.

Receive corporate calls anywhere your business takes you

People at the airport

With Free Conference Call, business owners can hire smarter and keep communication open 24/7. Each account comes with free U.S. Phone Number able to receive any number of calls.*

With more people travelling and working remote, Virtual Phones break the boundaries set by old in-office technology. Bring your company up to speed by going virtual.

*All minutes and usage are subject to our acceptable use policy .

For just $9/month you get:

Call Forwarding on Desktop and Mobile

Use call forwarding to route calls directed to the office to any computer or mobile device.

Enabled Calling Hours

Set availability hours however you see fit.

Call Elevation

Take your calls to the next level by elevating them into a meeting.

Outbound Calling

Make calls to any eligible phone number inside the U.S.


Listen to voice messages stored in a private inbox.


Send and receive text messages to other eligible numbers inside the U.S.

International calling plans starting at $20/month

How are people using the Free Conference Call Virtual Phone?

Business Owners

  • Leverage call forwarding to keep communication lines open whether your workforce operates in the office or remote.
  • Get unlimited United States-based phone numbers for each of your employees.
  • Ditch old office technology and transform any computer or mobile device into a VoIP business line.
  • Hire the best employees locally or from outside the United States.
Man conferencing on the phone

Start-Up Entrepreneurs

  • Minimize costs, save on communication tools and make VoIP calls from any computer or mobile device.
  • Establish a professional image with colleagues, vendors and customers.
  • Separate your business and your personal lines and protect employee contact data.
  • Grow your business at your speed.
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  • Avoid long-distance charges by making or receiving VoIP calls.
  • With a desktop and mobile app, you gain access to a virtual phone anywhere your network is available.
  • Receive unlimited calls* from anywhere in the world and keep your U.S. number.
Couple conferencing on the phone

Private Use

  • Have a separate phone number for networking and keep your personal information private.
  • Keep in contact with family in other countries without incurring long-distance charges.
  • Use call forwarding to consolidate your calls onto one desktop and mobile app.
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*All minutes and usage are subject to our acceptable use policy .