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One Number - SMS Notifications FAQs

Mobile Smartphone / Device Use - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register for this service?

Yes, you need to register for One Number. To do so, simply log in to your account, click on “One Number”, and purchase the monthly service. You will then have the option to associate your mobile phone to the account to receive text notifications.

How do I enable text notifications?

One Number requires verification and will send an initial text message to your mobile device with a verification code. Use the verification code provided by entering it into the window on and clicking “I Accept”. Your mobile phone will then be ready to receive notifications when callers have connected to your One Number. Frequency and type of message will vary depending on how often you use One Number.

How many texts, text alerts or SMS notifications will I receive?

Frequency of text messages (i.e. SMS notifications/alerts) will vary upon your specific customer activity, products and services. You will receive one SMS notification per conference call that you host, and also receive an SMS notification anytime a caller has connected to your One Number service (even if by error) until the service is discontinued.

Do these texts, text alerts or SMS notifications cost anything? and One Number do not have separate charges for delivering texts, text alerts or SMS Notifications. There is only a monthly subscription charge for access to the service. However, message and data rates may apply from your mobile carrier. By providing consent to participate in the One Number Texts, Text Alerts or SMS Notifications Program, the account holder approves such charges from their mobile carrier. Charges for text messages may appear on your mobile phone bill or be deducted from your prepaid balance. Message frequency may vary based on your use of the One Number service.

What number will I be receiving texts, text alerts or SMS notifications from?

Text messages will come from 26399.

What time of day will I receive the texts, text alerts or SMS notifications?

Your notifications are linked to your One Number. This means that the service will send you an alert at whichever time of day (or night) the first caller has either intentionally, or unintentionally called you on your conference line. To control when you receive notifications from One Number, please log in to your account, click on “One Number” tile and change Text Nofications to “Off”.

Which mobile carriers does support?

ACS/Alaska, Alltel, AT&T, Bluegrass Cellular, Boost, Cellcom, Cellone Nation, Cellular One of East Central Illinois, Cellular South, Centennial, Cincinnati Bell, Cox Communications, Cricket, EKN/Appalachian Wireless, Element Mobile, GCI, Golden State Cellular, Illinois Valley Cellular, Immix/Keystone Wireless, Inland Cellular, iWireless, Nex-Tech Wireless, nTelos, Plateau Wireless, South Canaan, Sprint, T-Mobile, Thumb Cellular, United Wireless, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless, Viaero Wireless, Virgin, WCC. Additional carriers may be added.

Participating Canadian carriers include:

Aliant Mobility, Bell Mobility, Fido, MTS, NorthernTel Mobility, Rogers Wireless, SaskTel Mobility, Télébec Mobilité, TELUS Mobility, Vidéotron, Virgin Mobile Canada, WIND Mobile. Additional carriers may be added.

Will texts work on my specific mobile device or cellular phone?

Our mobile messaging service is intended to work provided that: (1) your mobile phone has the ability to send and receive text messages and (2) your mobile device uses one of the carriers listed above. You may contact your mobile provider or service plan to make sure your mobile device is text message enabled.

Can I choose to receive text messages on more than one mobile device?

No, not at this time. You may, however, change the mobile phone number that you verify at any point in time by logging into your account, clicking on the “One Number” tile and following the simple steps to configure a new mobile phone number.

How do I get help?

Text HELP, INFO or AIDE to 26399 to receive help information or you may contact our Customer Care team at (844) 844–1322

Will using the service allow future contact?

If you register for the One Number service and subscribe to our mobile messaging notifications (i.e. alerts / SMS Notifications), you may be contacted by for purposes of maintaining, confirming, or validating your subscriber information. To view more about the notification service, visit our Terms of Service.

How do I opt out of the service?

To stop receiving text messages, Text STOP, STOP ALL, END, QUIT, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE or ARRET to 26399. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Care at (844) 844–1322 Following your request to opt out, you will receive one (1) final message from the One Number service confirming that you have been removed from the subscription service.

Why do I need to enter my Verification Code into the website to activate the notification service?

We want to make sure we are sending the text service to the correct mobile phone number. This step allows us to validate and associate your mobile number to your One Number service.

Can international callers connect through my One Number?

Yes, international callers may dial into the One Number. Please note that the number provided is a U.S. dial-in number and standard rates may apply. You will need to provide international participants with a local dial-in number and access code from your account information page. Participants using the international dial-in number must enter an access code.

If I cancel One Number, will I receive texts from


What if my mobile number changes while I am subscribed to the text service?

You may change the verified mobile phone number at any point in time by logging into your account, clicking on the “One Number” tile and following the simple steps to configure a new mobile phone number.

Will I be able to use the 26399 number to ask questions?

No, this is a one-way communication service and the number is not meant for correspondence at this time. However, you may respond HELP to receive our Customer Care phone number (844) 844–1322 and a link to our Terms of Service.

Will my privacy be protected? is committed to building user trust and confidence by promoting and complying with the use of business practices that help protect the privacy of customers and their data. For more information you can view a copy of our corporate privacy policy online.