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Forbes names a "best of" service for 2021, recommending it for companies that need all of the features of a paid conference calling service without the price.

It's Easy to Get Started

Receive a account instantly with just an e-mail and password. Once you sign up, you will be provided with a Dial-in Number and Access Code for immediate conferencing, and an Online Meeting ID for hosting meetings with Screen Sharing and Video Conferencing.

Your account is available to you 24/7 and there is no need to schedule or make any reservations. Each audio conference can accommodate 1,000 callers on an unlimited number of free conference calls.


Screen Sharing


Dedicated Number

Call Detail Reports

Up to 1,000 Callers

24/7 Customer Service

Free Call Recording

Multiple Sharing Options


  • What are the costs involved in a FreeConferenceCall account? is free. We don’t charge our customers. There are no advertisements, no quality issues, no hidden fees, no sales pitches, no contracts, no purchases required, no privacy issues, no restrictions and no surprises.

    Note: Phone carriers may apply standard charges.

  • How do I setup a conference call?

    After logging in to your account, invite participants via email or use the invite form. You may also use for Google Calendar™ Extension or Outlook® Plug-in. Notify participants of the date and time of the conference call and provide the dial-in number and access code. At the scheduled time, everyone calls the local in-country dial-in number and enters the access code followed by pound (#). If you are the host, enter the host PIN followed by pound (#).

  • Do I need to reserve a time for the conference call?

    No reservations are needed. You can host a conference call 24/7.

  • Is this a Free Trial or a limited time offer?

    No, is always free. Your account never expires.

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