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FreeConferenceCall.com + Emojis = Freemojis


We've brought everyone's favorite emojis to everyone's favorite conferencing and collaboration service. In addition to your familiar list of emojis, we've also developed a series of custom stickers — found only at FreeConferenceCall.com. Start using them today!

Complete emoji keyboard

Complete Emoji Keyboard

There's a full set of emojis at your disposal when you use the chat feature from the desktop app, mobile app or web viewer. Search through different categories and find over 2,500 emojis to help get your point across.

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Let's Get Creative

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In that case, well-placed Freemojis are like contemporary poetry. If you have a suggestion for Freemojis that captures your conferencing experience, let us know.

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Work from home life Freemoji sticker with person video conferencing in pajama bottoms and slippers
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