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Walking Terra Christa

Expressing the Vibratory Divine Healing Light of God
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◈ Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden

◈ Rev. Michael Ara Hayden


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Expressing the Vibratory Divine Healing Light of God(sm)

Walking Terra Christa extends the higher spiritual guidance of Rev. Christine Mahlariessee's Divine Language Network and Life Station Earth websites, (first established locally in the 1980's and then online in 2003), to be in union with Rev. Ara to assist humanity to embody the new balance of light and love needed to experience the highest levels of spiritual healing in God's Sacred Oneness upon this earth for the 21st century!

In 1982 Rev. Mahlariessee devoted herself to the Highest Aspirations of God's Plan on Earth, dedicating her purpose as the Purest Voice of God's Light and aligned herself to hold the Truth of Sacred Divine Vibratory Transmission to assist every human soul to Spiritually Evolve in Oneness and Unity. While holding down a full time work load, she also began hosting Angel Circles to transmit the healing energies of the Angelic Light from her home for her local community and soon was requested to meet at the local library to accommodate more people. The Healing Angelic and Spiritual Hierarchy frequencies of light were exactly how she went from being a person who had a speech impediment of severe stuttering that made communication very challenging to being able to stand in front of groups of people and convey the God Source messages with clarity and pureness.

Participating in the powerful global shift of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 affirmed that she was exactly where God intended she be. Her great dedication continued with acceleration in spiritual advancement toward integrating her ability to hold the Divine Light of Mother and Father God in her living light body.

Having also discovered the work of Dr. Joshua Stone's Ascension Mastery Soul Psychology and his annual Wesak Ceremony in the 1990's, she joined his Melchizedek Light Synthesis Academy and was Ordained by him in 2001. Afterwards he was honored to ask her to lead his planned future Philadelphia Ashram, an invitation of service that he did not easily offer to just anyone he ordained. While the plans for the Ashram never materialized, Dr. Stone held Rev. Christine Mahlariessee in great esteem and invited her to attend his Wesak events for several years in Mount Shasta, CA. until his transition off the earth plane into spirit to continue his work with Master Djwhal Khul and the Ray of Love and Wisdom for humanity.

In her visit to the Wesak event in Mount Shasta in 2002, she was suddenly aware of a strikingly handsome tall blond man approaching her with impeccable clothing that she had never previously encountered, ostensibly inquiring to buy some books at the table where she was stationed. His gaze was brilliant yet mesmerizing as he reached out to her. Instead of grasping her hand he used the two front fingers of his left hand and gently touched her throat chakra. As he walked away and the spell was broken, she realized in a moment of great joy that this man was Lord Adama, the High Priest of Telos who had just blessed her to take up yet another level of great service for the God Source. He had called her to "the mountain" yet it would take almost another decade for her to answer the call physically!

More powerful than any other spiritual encounter with the Masters she had experienced, and there were many, this was the catalyst that would have her leave the area of the country she grew up in and move 3000 miles away to live in Mount Shasta California to carry forward the legacy she was given as a Soul. A few months after she relocated on a whim and a prayer to start a new life in a new land, a recent acquaintance from her home area, Michael, came for a late summer visit even though he had assured her he could not get time away to do so. After being introduced to the higher energies and transmissions that Mahlariessee shared with him upon the Sacred Mountain, he too realized the importance of stepping fully into Service of God's Light on Earth. Giving notice at his job and leaving his lifelong hometown roots, he too relocated to Mount Shasta to join Rev. Mahlariessee's calling to assist Humanity at the highest levels possible. Neither did this lightly as they would need to establish a way to support their humble yet very much required living and business expenses.

They joined together to anchor the immense 11:11:11 energies in a tasking nine-hour multi-location trek around the Mount Shasta region, doing 6 ceremonies of Shamanic cleansing, healing, and grounding. While Rev. Mahlariessee had decades of such experience in sacred ceremony, this was Michael’s first time facilitating the transformations required. They consider that date the birth of Walking Terra Christa due to the intensification of the Higher Vibrations of that day that set the stage for their united partnership, and heralded the immense shift humanity would now be entering.

In early 2014, Rev. Mahlariessee ordained Rev. Michael Ara once he had acquired the proper status of advancement in his own spiritual initiations to authenticate the title and role bestowed by Lord Melchizedek, the Father of all Initiates. They were married in a Sacred Union Ceremony in the town of Mount Shasta on the 8/8/8 energies of 2015.  

12 years later, and with great sacrifice and persistence, they are blessed to maintain a humble modest lifestyle that requires the daily love of gift donations from every person who finds their teachings, as it is only through the global community of support from around the world that they can continually create and bring forth these sacred higher energies to Humanity and Mother Earth.  

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