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Welcome To
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Bitcoin is the best known cryptocurrency in the world, but it is not the ONLY one.  There over 2000 cryptocurrencies, with coins and tokens!


Did you know that COMPUMATRIX.BTC is a cryptocurrency with a truly innovative rewards program that was developed by Compumatrix and was conceived even before Bitcoin existed?  

COMPUMATRIX.BTC, BTCCORE, ECASH, as well as Compuceeds and other cryptocurrencies, can be "acquired" by doing company-prescribed online activities.  They can also be "acquired" from another person Peer to Peer (P2P), as a payment or donation, or by purchasing Virtual Prepaid Cards (VPC) which allows you to participate in the Compumatrix Program at with the primary purpose being able to increase your savings and earnings.


COMPUMATRIX.BTC is available for trading as a User-Issued Asset (UIA) on the Bitshares Decentralized Exchange at and can be traded for Bitcoin (bitBTC), as well as for many other cryptocurrencies there!  

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the links below.


R. Kevin Bowser
Compumatrix Founding Member

"Compumatrix understands that people engaged in uplifting social activity and productive processes, and trained with enhanced information and tools will not only enrich their own lives but the lives of all who seek to do the same."  That is a quote from Compumatrix Founder, Henry James Banayat at