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Hop on the Call with Phone or VoIP Conference

It’s always free to dial in to a meeting. But if you don’t have access to a phone or just want to use your laptop or mobile device to hop on a conference, have a VoIP conference call.

Phone with dial-in number inserted ready to call

Dial in on the Phone

To Join the conference using your phone, tap or dial the number and access code, then enter the host PIN

Dial in screen with option to choose phone or internet to make call

Free VoIP Conference Call

If you want to join the call using VoIP, download our mobile app, log in and tap Internet.

Desktop app with choose your audio preference options

Take Your Meetings Online

Host online meetings to share your screen and show your video. Launch the desktop app, and click Phone then choose to connect by Telephone or Mic & Speakers to use VoIP conference calling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) conference calls connect two or more parties over an internet connection instead of using traditional carrier networks.

Normally, when you make calls with a telephone, you connect with your party through a public switched telephone network (PSTN). Instead, using VoIP allows you to connect to your party over the internet, converting your audio information into a digital format that travels through the worldwide network.

To make a VoIP call to a listed phone number, you’ll need access to the internet and an internet softphone or the desktop or mobile app.

VoIP calls work similarly to calls using a carrier network. Using your softphone, dial the number of the conference you wish to join and enter the access number followed by the pound key. You are now on a VoIP conference call with your party.

If you’d like to join a VoIP conference using, you can quickly join the call by entering the meeting ID and selecting "Join." Next, select "computer audio." You are now on a VoIP conference call with your party.

A softphone, also referred to as an internet telephone, is a software on a computer or mobile device that allows users to make VoIP calls. Softphones can be accessed through your VoIP provider, capable of dialing standard phone numbers like a traditional phone.

When you want to connect with your party using VoIP, you’ll need a computer, a VoIP provider and access to the internet. You’ll also need a headset or device with audio output/input capabilities to speak to your party and hear them.

VoIP can be especially useful for teams looking to stay connected and collaborate online.

If you want to use audio conferencing in a team, you’ll need a network provider capable of supporting the number of users you intend to include on the call. offers audio and video conferencing for up to 1,000 participants at no cost.

To start your audio conference with, sign up for your free account and download the app. Next, invite your party to the call by sending your conferencing information and designating a time for the call. When that time comes, have all users call the conferencing number. You are now on an audio conference with your team.