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New Mass Communications Tool Marks Debut

Technology Introduced That Allows You To Record A Message & “Blast” It To As Many As 2,000 Receivers

Long Beach, CA (March 3, 2009) – Sometimes an email is not as effective as a voice message for conveying the true essence of a communiqué, but the technology for "blasting" these messages has been cost prohibitive and inconvenient... until now. Free Conferencing Corp., a Long Beach, Calif.-based "one-to-many" communications provider, has introduced Simple Blast, which allows you to send a voice message to up to 2,000 recipients at a time at rates 30% lower than those offered by competing services. Anyone interested in disseminating a message - whether it be a company president addressing policy with employees, school administrator announcing parent teacher conferences or a family member communicating important news to his relatives - can do so simply, quickly and cost effectively.

According to David Erickson, Founder of Free Conferencing Corp, the service is available to anyone interested in delivering a personal message to large numbers of people.

“Just as email has transformed our lives to a great extent, so too will Simple Blast,” remarked Erickson, who said that costs for the service are very reasonable (i.e., sending a message to 200 recipients costs only $10). “Sometimes words alone cannot convey the tone and specific meaning that you intend and in those instances, Simple Blast is the ideal means of communication. The message is delivered complete with the inflections and emphasis on certain words that give it the intended meaning.”

Erickson said that using Simple Blast is easy. Simply register online ( with a credit card for immediate access to the service and use a telephone to record your message. After furnishing the phone numbers of your audience and pressing “send”, the message is delivered quickly. Simple Blast offers a number of convenient features including scheduling of your recorded messages and allowing users to upload phone lists to create a personal database.

For more information about Simple Blast, call (844) 844-1322 or visit

About Free Conferencing Corporation

Established in 2001, Free Conferencing Corp. is becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the technology sector. With conference calls serving as one of the most necessary tools at the disposal of the business community, Free Conferencing Corp. is known for its numerous “one-to-many” services characterized by high quality audio capabilities, numerous features, excellent customer service and the best pricing available. For more information about Free Conferencing Corp., visit or call (844) 844-1322.