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Can’t Remember Every Detail? That’s OK!

We can help! Record any conference and then easily access Conference Keywords℠, powered by Voicebase, to go back to what you missed.

On-Demand Transcription Service

Once you sign up for a FreeConferenceCall.com account, you can record any meeting. When it’s over, just go to the History & Recordings page, find your meeting and click the Keywords icon under Recording Options.

Straight to the Point

Conference Keywords lets you search the recorded file for keywords, view a list of transcribed keywords and listen to the point in your meeting when they were spoken.

The service uses voice-to-text software to generate written transcriptions, which can be ordered at any time.

The Power of Keywords

Conference Keywords makes it easy to recall the most important topics covered in your recorded conference calls. Navigate through a recording using a list of transcribed keywords. Simply search or select a keyword from the list to see how many times and where it was used during the recording.