FreeConferenceCall Presents Low Price Toll Free Conferencing

This service supports toll-free reservationless audio conferencing with up to 1,000 people. Users can collaborate in real-time in the comfort of their personal offices, homes or any location with a free call.

  • 3.9
    per min/per caller*
  • Up to 1,000 Callers
  • Reservationless 24/7
  • Dedicated Credentials
  • Web Control Panel
  • Conference Recording

Features Include:

  • Active Speaker

    • View which caller is speaking on the web control panel

  • Custom Greeting

    • Upload your personalized greeting for participants to hear upon entering your conference

  • Custom Hold Music

    • Upload a music file that will play while participants wait for the host to join

  • Breakout Conferencing

    • During a meeting, distribute callers to breakout groups for separate discussions

  • Q&A Sessions

    • Conduct structured question and answer sessions with participants, with various controls

  • Easy-to-use Touch-Tone Commands

    • Manage conference calls with simple touch-tone commands like mute, lock, and record

*compared to 7 to 50 cents with major phone companies