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Record a Podcast

Follow the steps below to record a conference and create a podcast. Then you can make it available for listeners to access from anywhere whenever they want.

Step 1: Get Started ​​​​​​​

Set up a account or log in account log in to your account.

Screen shot of homepage.

Step 2: Record Presentation

Launch the desktop application, host a meeting and click Record.

Screen shot of desktop app join, host, or record a meeting pop up.

Step 3: Start Recording

Choose to record Audio, Screen Sharing or Video and click Continue.

Next, select your audio preference and follow the instructions to connect.

Screen shot of desktop app dashboard.

Step 4: View and Share Podcast

To view your podcast, log in to your account. On the Profile menu, choose History & Recordings.

Click Share and copy the link for your free podcast to post in social media or send via email.

Click Download to save the file to your desktop.

Give users access to all unlocked recordings by clicking RSS Feed under Podcast/RSS.

Screenshot of Recording Options icons with mouse hovering over share arrow icon.