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Free conference calls are simple and easy to use, requiring only a name and an e-mail address to receive an instant account.

Once you enter your name and e-mail address, you will instantly receive dial-in numbers in all of our covered countries and an access code for immediate phone conferencing.

Each account accommodates 1000 participants on an unlimited number of 6 hour free international conference calls and is available to use 24/7 without any reservations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs for a account? is free. It is our mission to make sure everyone, everywhere has access to world-class audio and video communications. This is made possible by the generous contributions from those who want to help us achieve that mission and pay what they think is fair. Our revolutionary Pay What You Can pricing structure helps us make sure charities, volunteers, students, and others around the world always have access to free communications.

How many participants can be on a single conference?

A maximum of 1,000 participants can join a conference call with high-definition, audio, screen sharing and video conferencing.

Is there a limit on the length of a conference call?

Each conference call can be six hours long with an unlimited number of calls allowed.

Can I record my conference call or online meeting?

Yes. Instructions are available once your free account is created. Recorded sessions can be easily downloaded or shared.

Is there a limit to how many times I can use the same account?

No. Use your account as many times as you would like.

Do I need to reserve a time for the conference call or online meeting?

No reservations are needed. You can host a meeting 24/7.

Can international callers participate? is a global service that can be used around the world. For a list of international dial-in numbers, click View List on your Account Information page. We have local in-country dial-in numbers in 78 countries and counting.

Can I use any in-country dial-in number to connect to the conference call?

Yes, you can use any local in-country dial-in number. All dial-in numbers can be called from anywhere in the world.

What are online meetings?

Online meetings allow hosts or participants to share screens, documents, slides, spreadsheets, etc. or use video conferencing with a webcam to meet face-to-face.

Why should I host online meetings?

Host online meetings to collaborate and increase productivity. Through the Meeting Dashboard, access call controls, see the list of participants on the call, show video and share computer screens, documents, web links or presentations.

Will I receive a Call Detail Report?

Yes, Call Detail Reports are sent by email to the host after every meeting takes place. The report includes participant information such as time spent on each call and other meeting details.