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Why Do People Love Free Conference Call?

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We Help People One Call At A Time.

When you choose, you help us provide free communications to people all over the world.

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We Are Totally Free.

We’ve offered totally free audio conferencing for over 20 years. We believe everyone, everywhere deserves access to world-class communications. That’s why entrepreneurs, charities, volunteers, and students all over the world rely on

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We Offer World-Class Audio and Video Communication Tools.

82% of Fortune 500 companies use our tools because they know we have everything the largest paid-for brands offer.

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Our Community Feels Great When They Use Us.

When you become part of the community, you help people around the world communicate freely.

With your help, we've given away over 1.4 billion free minutes of conferencing to our community

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Our Community Helps Non-Profits and Charities Achieve More

Rather than pay for conferencing, these companies choose to invest more into the people they help.

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One incredible agency uses audio and video conferencing to help blind and low-vision working-age people develop skills that help them with employment. They also help older individuals learn skills that help them maintain their independence and help children who are without sight live happy and fulfilling lives. As for the savings this agency receives from choosing a free service over a paid option, they put that towards helping to provide surgery and other medical treatments to help restore vision for many. These people deserve an award. They're incredible.

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A start-up business owner that struggled with balancing her budget needed a way to keep costs to a minimum while leveraging cutting-edge conferencing tools. When looking for ways to cut costs, Free Conference Call became her perfect digital communications partner. It helps her keep in touch with vendors and clients while keeping costs low. She saved hundreds in annual costs by choosing a free audio and video calling service over paid-for products. became a vital tool for allowing her company to hire new employees and provide a valuable service to their community.

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A 12-step support group was in need of a safe place to share their journey when they were mocked for their efforts recovering from addiction. They turned to Free Conference Call to continue their support group over conferencing lines and find a safe haven for their association. Our service allowed their group to meet multiple times each week to uplift one another in a secure, mobile environment free from bullying. This group found the free calling service to be a priceless tool in their recovery.

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When natural disasters hit close to home, a volunteer group in New Jersey relies on to coordinate with their leaders in an extensive effort to provide catastrophe relief. Their team travels all across the country to respond to hurricanes, tornados and other unexpected calamities when communities need them most. Their coordinated response is a testament to the power Free Conference Call can offer to groups providing aid during an emergency.

When COVID-19 Forced the World to Shelter In Place and Practice Social Distancing, The World Turned to to Stay Connected

Because of the contributions from our incredible community, we were able to be there to answer the call. Watch how the world looked to to help stay connected during the crisis.

Here Are Some of the Incredible Ways People Have Used The Tools to Care For Each Other.

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A hospice physician uses Free Conference Call to be there for families during their most challenging times. Since he hosts multiple calls each day, our conferencing platform allows him to connect with families all across the country, sharing crucial information, answering questions and making himself available to discuss life's most difficult decisions.

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A user suffering from stage four cancer used to coordinate with doctors and specialists about his care. With Free Conference Call's help, he was able to stay up to date on his case while his wife continued running their business from home. He believes Free Conference Call's service was able to play a role in helping him completely recover from his illness.

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A parent of a child with special needs was having trouble coordinating her son's care with their group of specialists. helped them connect with their teachers, doctors and therapists all at the same time. Our free conferencing software became an indispensable tool for getting their team all on the same page when it was most important in improving the family's quality of life.

Freely Stay Connected with Friends, Family and Members of Your Community

With you're always connected to the people that are most important to you

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When a representative from the Army National Guard wanted to share the lessons he learned during his service, he needed a conferencing platform that was powerful enough to support his leadership meetings and training. They turned to as a medium for mentorship. They also use Free Conference Call to stay connected with their families when traveling to different parts of the world. They found the free calling service to be a well-appreciated tool for military families.

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A nonprofit in Maryland was having trouble providing their community's middle and high school students with much-needed leadership training and practice regularly. Their lean budget prevented their organization from spending money and resources on paid-for communication software, hindering their ability to reach out to their neighbors, friends and family. became their remote team's most reliable free-to-use collaboration platform. With the resources they saved, they were able to reach even more students and encourage lasting change in their community.

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A neighborhood was looking for a tool they could use to communicate with their community about organized activities related to school, church and volunteer services in their local area. The leaders of the neighborhood association choose Free Conference Call to help their youth and parents coordinate with event planners ad make each gathering a united celebration.

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Employees of a government agency were looking for software that could help their team stay up to date on community events and allow them to discuss burgeoning societal issues while traveling. Free Conference Call became their audio and video conferencing tool of choice to aid in their discussion on new policies. The conferencing platform helps them communicate with co-workers, tend to their duties and stay on top of breaking news on demand.

You're Making a Difference

By being part of the Free Conference Call community, you help people around the world. There are thousands of stories like those we shared above. People all over the world use our tool to help others, stay connected, communicate and share. Free Conference Call users are only able to achieve that because of you, our incredible community. If you have a success story, we want to know about it. Share your stories here.