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Innovative Pricing

Pay What You Can

We bring a truly innovative approach to pricing. We offer world-class audio and video conferencing and we ask that you pay us what you think is fair for that service. If that’s nothing right now because you want to try it out or you don’t have the means to pay, no worries, we’ll be here for you. If you are able to pay something we’d greatly appreciate it. These contributions help us ensure people around the world always have a place to freely share and collaborate.

As a Thank you, you will receive Virtual Backgrounds if you choose to spend over €1 or more.

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Pay What You Can

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Need to keep it free for now? No worries, the community has you covered.

* This is about what Zoom & GoToMeeting charge for a comparable tool

Conference Calls

Host high-definition audio conferences with up to 1,000 participants using domestic or local in-country dial-in numbers (U.S. toll-free numbers are also available) or VoIP.

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Connect locally or between countries with international conferencing on a highly secure platform. View list of countries

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Record conference calls for later playback. Dial a number, enter the reference number and listen to them anytime.

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Keypad Commands

Use phone keypad commands to manage the conference call. Mute, enter job codes, record and more.

Breakout Rooms

Breakout Rooms

Have participants leave the main conference to join sub-conferences for small group sessions and discussions.

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Call Control

Use the call controls to set the conference mode (lecture, Q&A or muted), see who is talking and mute individual lines.

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Meeting Settings

Access and change meeting presets, including turning on or off entry and exit tones and setting up auto recording.

Headphones icon Headphones icon


Connect to a VoIP conference call on your laptop or mobile device using the mic and speakers or a headset.

Video Conferencing & Screen Sharing

It’s almost as if you’re all sitting around the same table. Use Video calls and screen sharing to show your desktop and actually see who’s talking.
Download the desktop application

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Video Conferencing

Try our free video conferencing with up to 1,000 participants. View the active speaker in the main window and scroll to see other feeds.

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Screen Sharing

Show anything on your desktop with Screen Sharing. Annotate using drawing tools, switch presenter and pass control at any time.

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Recording and Playback

Easily capture and archive your screen sharing session, audio conference and primary video feed using the Recording and Playback feature.

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Drawing Tools

Mark up, annotate and call attention to specific areas on the the documents and applications you are sharing.

Remote desktop icon

Remote Desktop

Be in the driver’s seat. The remote desktop tool makes it possible to take control, support and collaborate for free.

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Chat with other hosts, all participants or individuals during your online meeting. You can even send an emoji from our library.

Studio icon

Studio Presentation

Record a presentation in Studio to play back during a conference, or share a link to the recording.

Meeting Wall

Create a personal meeting room with a custom URL, profile photo, company logo and description. Also upload and share meeting information and access web controls, recordings and more.

Broadcast icon


Play previously recorded audio, video and screen sharing conferences or show documents and files during live meetings.

Meeting resources icon

Meeting Resources

Upload any document or link to your Meeting Wall for others to view and download before or after your conference.

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Web Controls

Control conference calls from the web interface. Lock the conference, manage Q&A, set to lecture mode and more.

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Send instant messages from the desktop app or Meeting Wall. Chat functionality now features emojis.

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Reach a large audience by using the Radio feature to stream conferences live over the internet.

More Free Features

Each account is loaded with features that are, you guessed it, FREE. Use these tools to get more out of your service.

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1,000 Participants

Connect with high-definition audio, video and screen sharing. For more than 1,000 participants, learn about large meeting services.

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Call Detail Reports

Receive a report direct to your inbox after each meeting with details about participants and meeting duration.

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Mobile App

Download the Mobile Appmobile app to take your conference calls, screen sharing sessions and video conferences on the go.

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Seamlessly integrate your account with apps such as Slack, Evernote and Dropbox to improve collaboration and productivity.

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Download the plug-in to easily schedule, start and track your conference calls with Outlook® and Google Gadget™.

History & Recordings icon

History & Recordings

View a list of past conference details or watch, download and share recordings. 1GB of free storage is included.


Our free offering gives you everything you need to hold unlimited meetings with no time limits. For those who want to customize their meeting experience, our value-added upgrades give you full control over every aspect of your meeting.

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One Number

Easily connect to meetings with a dedicated phone number. No access codes required. Available in select countries.

Toll-free icon

Toll-Free Number

Use our toll-free conference call service to give your U.S. callers an (800) number.

Custom Greeting Icon

Custom Greeting

Upload a custom greeting to welcome participants joining your conferences.

Music note icon

Custom Hold Music

Enhance the mood. Select the perfect song for your callers to enjoy while they wait

Data storage icon

Extra Storage

Keep meeting details and conference recordings with up to 40GB available.

Virtual Phone

Receive unlimited inbound calls for free. Outbound dialing plans are also available for a monthly fee.

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Unlimited Inbound Calling

Receive unlimited inbound calls to your own dedicated US phone number for free.

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Unlimited Outbound Calling

Dial out to any phone number within the US on our Virtual Phone premium plan

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Transfer to Meeting

Seamlessly expand any call into a fully-featured meeting with both audio and video.

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All paid plans come with unlimited voicemail storage and built-in transcription.

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Choose Your Number

Users with a paid plan can select their own phone number from a large selection of different area codes.

*Virtual Phone usage is subject to our acceptable use policy.