When No One is Looking

You already know the benefits of owning a FreeConferenceCall account and we all have our reasons for loving the service.

Today we want to share one of our favorite reasons to use FreeConferenceCall. When using FreeConferenceCall there is no face-to-face interaction, therefore, no one can see what you are doing! A lot of time, when we conference we are sitting in front of a desk for long ours. So when no one is looking why not do some stretching exercises? Take a look at the helpful exercises below;A woman stretching her arms in her desk chair

  • Neck:  Stretch your neck by tilting your head forward and back, then side to side. You can do this throughout the day to lessen tension.
  • Shoulders:  To stretch your shoulders you can be standing or sitting straight. Slowly roll your shoulders forward up and then back completing a full circle. During this process make sure to keep your head and neck stable. Make sure to complete the circles without scrunching your shoulders.
  • Wrists: Your wrist should be stretched once every hour. To exercise your wrist you can simply roll your wrist 10 times clockwise and another 10 times counterclockwise. This will reduce the chances of developing carpal tunnel.
  • Chest:  After long hours in front of a computer we tend to hunch towards the keyboard. To counter that, open your arms as if hugging someone and twist your arms externally then pull your shoulders back. This stretch will reverse the hunching, and then you should feel the stretch in your chest.
  • Calves:  While sitting lift your legs on the balls of your feet and set them down until you’re tired. Do this every hour. This will prevent Blood clots in the future.

Don’t forget to take a few deep breaths every hour; this will work your abdominal muscles. Keep a water bottle by your desk to make a habit of drinking your water intake for the day. Also, don’t forget to rest your eyes every 30 minutes; this will prevent eye irritation and headaches. Remember, you can do all these exercises while conferencing, but make sure to pay attention and be present during your conference!

Happy conferencing everyone!

(Image Source: aarogya.com)

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