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By Haley Steinhauser, Director of Public Relations and Social Media

There are over two billion people on Facebook. LinkedIn has 500 million users. Twitter is alive and well with 328 million. And Instagram is about to surpass 100 million users.

I bet you are one of those millions people on these platforms, and we want to connect with you!

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If you are wondering what’s so great about following us on social, let me share three excellent reasons:

  1. We share a lot of great quick tips and techniques to help you conference better.
  2. Be the first to hear about new releases and exciting company news.
  3. Our customer service team is available 24/7 but sometimes you just need a quick answer and chances are, we’ll have it in a jiffy.

We promise not to over-share, overwhelm you or clog up your social feeds. Our goal is always to be a valuable resource.

See you on the flip-side — or at least on Facebook or Twitter.

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