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Most of you know us for our free conferencing services, however, did you know that we also provide a suite of Toll-Free conferencing services? Let us introduce you to TollFreeConferenceCall.com a feature rich communication tool where the host pays for the cost of all participants dialing into the conference line at a rate of $0.06 per minute per person. To show you the difference between free and toll free, we put together a comparison chart shown below:

A comparison chart of TollFreeConferenceCall and FreeConferencing

Toll-Free conferencing is great for businesses and organizations who wish to cover the cost of a conference call for a potential client or want to have a more professional image.

To sign up, visit www.TollFreeConferenceCall.com. You will need to provide a valid credit card upon registration but will only be billed when the service is used. There are no setup fees, contracts or commitments required to obtain an account!

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