Ukraine is Now Part of International

Welcome back readers!

You asked for more countries and we are determined to deliver! Today we announce the arrival of Ukraine to FreeConferenceCall International.  Callers connecting from Ukraine now have an in-country phone number.

In order to welcome Ukraine to FreeConferenceCall International we have composed a few facts about the country.

Did you know…

  • Ukraine is the largest country in Europe among those with entire boundaries within the European continent.  Ukraine is about the size of Texas.
  • Ukrainian is the official language of Ukraine and over half the people belong to the Orthodox Christian religion.
  • World's deepest metro station is situated in Ukraine.  It is Arsenal’na metro station and its depth is 105 meters!
  • Ukraine occupies the 4th place in the world in the number of citizens with higher education.  99,4% of Ukrainian over 16 years old know how to write and 70% of population have higher education.
A long tunnel with escalators from wall to wall(Arsenal’na metro station)

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Come back soon, to learn about the arrival of even more countries!

(Image Source: oursurprisingworld)

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