To the Inhabitants of Planet Earth: Happy Holidays and a Joyous 2017

Happy Holidays from FreeConferenceCall.com2016 has been quite a year, with highs, lows and more shock value than anyone anticipated. With all that’s happened, most of us feel like a holiday is long overdue — but this year, let’s do one thing before we leave. Let's make it a point to embrace a global perspective on who we are and where we're going.

So, imagine we’re part of one human race, with its countless unique expressions of identity. Imagine we are one family, all spinning together on a little rock in a tiny galaxy in an infinite universe. Sure, we have our differences. Families always do. But as another calendar year draws to a close, let's choose to remember what brings us together.

From all of us here at, we wish you family and friends in abundance. We wish you love and laughter. We wish you safety, security and food on your table. We wish you good choices and second chances.

Of course, it’s not always possible to be together for the holidays. But if you’re away from home or loved ones this year, you can still light the menorah, Kwanzaa candles or watch presents being opened Christmas morning — just join in virtually, via video conferencing. We know it’s not as good as being together, but it’s better than missing out on important moments.

For those of you celebrating Christmas, don't forget to leave your wish list for Santa on Santa's Hotline at +1 605-310-4000.

And if you need support, our award-winning Customer Care team is available 24/7 through the holidays at (844) 844-1322.

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