Three Thrifty Guys Feature as Best Choice for Free Conferencing

Nowadays, everyone considers themselves a conferencing provider, but as the Three Thrifty Guys point out in their recent review, is the smart choice.

They point out that the free HD audio provided a high-quality experience and that “everything ran flawless” without static or connection problems.

Person at a desk with a phone and the text reads: Where to get free conference calling

"There were no static issues or problems with the connection. Everything ran flawless AND I was able to direct the attendees to the meeting resources that I had uploaded to the wall, which helped make the meeting run even more efficiently."

With just a set Dial-In number and Meeting ID, the reviewer states he was easily able to start his conference call in no time.

“I had provided the attendees with the Dial-in number and Meeting ID-as well as a link to the Conference Wall. The beauty of is that you can also host Online Meetings as well as send folks to a personalized conference wall that can hold meeting resources.”

Additional bonuses they found to be beneficial include: call recording and playback numbers, online meetings with up to 25 attendees, HD audio conferencing with up to 1,000 attendees and 6 hours per conference call.

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