The Tech-Savvy Professor: Revolutionizing Classroom Technology with StartMeeting

Ronnie Cunningham, professor at Pasadena City College

“A first time experience for most of my students—and they loved it!”

Ronnie Cunningham is an adjunct professor at Pasadena City College, a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker, and the inspiring mind behind Growth by Design – Pasadena, an organization that facilitates the growth and development of individuals, faith-based organizations, businesses, and public sector agencies with leadership and technical experience.

As a customer, Ronnie knew our collaborative tools could benefit a growing consulting business, but shortly after upgrading to StartMeeting, he realized that our screen sharing and presentation creation software had the potential to revolutionize the way he – and his students – attended class.

Using StartMeeting Studio, Ronnie was able to easily record a presentation, complete with audio.  Recorded lectures and presentations are available on-demand, with unlimited and free viewing.  Best of all, the presentation software is iPhone, iPad, and Android compatible.

With a little extra planning, Ronnie and his students were able to stay on task and on schedule.  By proactively recording lectures and presentations, Cunningham eliminated the need to cancel classes due to teacher absences.  According to Ronnie, this sort of presentation was "a first-time experience for most of my students—and they loved it!"

Are you trying to be in two places at once?  See how we can revolutionize your business or classroom using StartMeeting Studio.

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