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Mike Miller, State Director with Smart Choice Agents and satisfied StartMeeting customer

Mike Miller, State Director with Smart Choice Agents and satisfied StartMeeting customer.

Mike Miller is a busy guy. Between travel commitments, training sessions, and trying to spend more time with his family, Miller has had little time to stop and catch his breath. This year, that all changed when he decided to make the switch to StartMeeting. Now, Miller's days are a little less hectic, a little more organized, and he couldn't be happier. "StartMeeting has truly changed my life," he admits. "Instead of spending seven days a month traveling, I've only been on the road four days this entire year!"

Mike Miller is a State Director for Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin with Smart Choice Agents, a company that provides individual insurance agents with product training, access to top-rated markets, and customized business solutions to agencies throughout the United States. As State Director, Miller's quest to recruit and train sales executives for a number of nationally-ranked insurance companies kept him on the road, away from his desk, and more importantly – away from his family 12 weeks a year. Finding a way to simplify his recruiting and training strategy while cutting down on travel costs was his best bet for reclaiming time with his family. "I have four children," Miller said. "It's important for me to spend time with them. Being in a different city, visiting up to five different offices was making it impossible. I was missing out on a lot of important events in my family's life."

In January, Miller decided to make the switch to StartMeeting after being a GoToMeeting user. Miller needed StartMeeting because he needed a service that could offer a greater level of customization, customer support, and added features. In an attempt to find his work-life balance, he knew the key to finding more quality time at home was finding the right online meeting service to meet his unique needs.

Miller signed up for a free 30-day screen sharing trial with StartMeeting. Miller thought learning the new product would be challenging, but Miller said "that changed when I called Customer Support and started building out my Wall."

Miller worked closely with his StartMeeting sales representative, Chris Macy, to customize his Wall by adding his company logo and his photo. "Now, anyone who visits my Wall knows exactly what business I'm in, and what we're going to be discussing. This has been great for training purposes," Miller says. "My Wall looks professional and adds a new level of legitimacy to my consulting business." With the added confidence that recruits and agents joining his online meeting were assured a truly professional experience, Miller started to feel more at ease, more willing to commit more hours to remote training and recruiting sessions, and could feel the need to schedule on-site visits starting to relax. According to Miller, having the chance to spend time working one-on-one with a knowledgeable representative made all the difference.

With his Meeting Wall design complete, Miller found the Meeting Resources feature crucial to his online meeting success. With just one click, Miller uploaded his meeting materials and training presentations, allowing his recruits instant access to everything they would need for a training session. "The training presentations have been so impactful. I was able to recruit executives at two new agencies in Green Bay and Des Moines without ever getting on the road," Miller said.

Since making the switch, Miller is grateful for the extra time and added savings he's enjoyed. "I go fishing; I've been to my children's volleyball and lacrosse games. I'm making the most of it, and I can truly say StartMeeting has changed my life."

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