The Future of VoIP According to COO Josh Lowenthal

As part of the Dell Insight Partners program, IT consultant Bev Robb interviewed telecommunications industry leaders for their insights on the benefits and challenges of the current transition to VoIP telephony. In part one of her two-part series, Josh Lowenthal, chief operations officer at provides his views on the future of VoIP and limitations of what he says is a “very transformational” technology.

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Many IT decision-makers are searching for greater scalability, lower costs and a wider range of value-added features for communications platforms. Lowenthal points out that while VoIP providers often promise these outcomes, the technology can still be unreliable when it comes to mission critical services. He also said he believes there are commercial deployment issues that need to be resolved before Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) are truly replaceable.

“Skype will never be interchangeable with Viber, thus limiting its potential. Consumers want multiple choices to bind these together,” Lowenthal said. “However, it doesn’t appear that any plans are on the horizon for these VoIP services to do so — which means PSTN will be irreplaceable.”

Interested in hearing more? Check out the article here and stay tuned for part two of the article where VoIP and unified communications come together.

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