The Best of Both Worlds: High-Quality Service and Lower Costs

Headphones on microphone stand, professional studio President Bob Wise recently spoke with Don Witt at Telecom Reseller. In this podcast, Bob talks about how the company started as — and continues to be — a high-quality, reliable and free conferencing service for anyone who needs a way to connect with people all over the world. is proud to deliver a service that helps millions of people. Now, as Wise describes in the podcast, the For Business™ serves businesses of all sizes through a unique model that allows organizations to significantly decrease their conferencing spend.

“We realize that customers are continually looking to cut their communication and conferencing spend. By using our product, we’ve been able to go into companies, pretty much on a widespread basis, and cut their costs by anywhere from 50 to 75 to even 80 percent,” said Wise.

To hear more from Wise and learn more about and its business solutions please take a few minutes and listen to this podcast.

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