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Are you a teacher or a student?

FreeConferenceCall has a list of services that can help in a classroom! Below are 3 services we believe can improve the relationship between a teacher and students/parents.

A mother and son looking at a cellphone togetherSimpleVoiceCenter- a voicemail messaging service that allows one to have unlimited extensions. Each extension can have a voice message. Teachers can set up a SimpleVoiceCenter and create different extensions based on the purpose of the line.  For example, the line can be used as a weekly message where parents can call in and revise assignments for their children, description of projects, and due dates. Parents would even have the capability of leaving messages if they have any questions. This will allow parents and teachers to have a closer relationship about their students education.

SimpleBlast- a messaging service that allows a person to send a 2 minute voice message to up to 10,000 phone numbers. SimpleBlast is perfect for sending out notifications and reminders to students or teachers. For example, if the teacher cannot attend class, they can send a voice message to all their students notifying them of the cancelation.

FreeConferencing- a phone conferencing service that allows up to 1,000 people on one call. This is a perfect tool for teachers to offer their students when requesting group projects. Instead of having to drive to a location and discuss assignments; the group can meet on a phone call. FreeConferencing also offers screen sharing, which will allow students to add visuals during their calls, hence make their phone meeting more productive!

These are only 3 services that may help a classroom, visit our services page to get a complete list of services!

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