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By Kelly Kincaid, Customer Care Representative, FreeConferenceCall.com

At FreeConferenceCall.com, we get a lot of calls into Customer Care about capacity. When we tell customers they can screen share, audio or video conference with up to 1,000 participants, they are usually shocked. We understand the incredulous guffaws. For most conference users, it’s hard to imagine how to manage such a large meeting.

Party of Two?

On the other end of the spectrum, customers are also surprised to realize that there is value in conferencing with just one person. In a recent Wainhouse research report, IT decision-makers reported that more than 50% of daily business calls terminate on a conferencing bridge — and that includes a percentage of two-party calls that require the flexibility a bridge has to offer.

So, what does a conferencing bridge have to offer? And why should someone trade in a phone call for conferencing and collaboration?

Here are five reasons conference calls make more sense:

1. No more phone tag.

Always missing the person you need to talk to? Connect on a conference bridge instead so you can put an end to all the back and forth. It’s much easier to have a virtual meeting room than play a game of phone tag. Using the conference bridge qualifies the call and offers commitment from all parties.

2. Get your point across effectively.

A call limits you to one medium for communication. Leverage the power of visual information with an online meeting. You’ll have the means to screen share, use collaboration tools or add web and video features to drive your point home. According to Wharton Research Center, there is an astounding 400% retention rate for a presentation when video is used.

3. Reviewing was never so easy.

You never know when you might need to refer back to those points you agreed on. Conferencing lets you record an online meeting or a call and provides you multiple options for playback and sharing.

4. Add more people without hassle.

Need quick input from a third party or forgot to include a co-worker from another branch? Just send an instant invite and get them in on the action.

5. The facts, and nothing but.

Sometimes you need to demonstrate a meeting occurred — the basic facts like who was on the call and how long it lasted. No problem. As soon as your meeting concludes, you’ll receive a Call Detail Report direct to your inbox.

So go ahead and upgrade your next direct dial audio call to an HD audio conference. Whether you need to connect with one participant or 1,000, FreeConferenceCall.com is here for you.

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