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A phone sitting on top of a deskToday we have a question for you; do you know all the features that come with your FreeConferenceCall account?  Below you will see a list of the features that are available.  The host has access to the touch tones below (all touch tone commands are available to be used throughout the entirety of your conference).

  • Press *2 to hear a caller count.
  • Press *3 to disconnect from the call.
  • Press *4 if you have any questions and need instructions.
  • Press *5 to managed the audio.
*5 once to mute callers yet participants will be able to un-mute their line
*5 twice to mute callers, callers will not be able to un-mute
*5 a third time to open the conversation to everyone
  • Press *6 to mute you own line, *6 a second time will un-mute
  • Press *7 to lock the door to your conference, this will prevent callers from entering.  This feature is great to keep your conference private.
  • Press*8 will allow you to manage the entry/exit tones during your call.
*8 once will turn OFF both entry and exit tones
*8 twice will turn OFF the entry tones but keep the exit tones ON
*8 a third time will turn entry tones ON and turn OFF the exit tones
*8 a fourth time to turn entry and exit tones back ON
  • Last but not least, *9 will record you conference.  Keep in mind you will need your subscriber pin code in order to record.

If you do not have your subscriber pin code or if you have any questions regarding your account please call us at 877-482-5838 or (562) 437-1411 if calling outside the U.S.!  We are here to assist you 24/7!

We hope this information was useful! Come back soon!

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