Staying Connected: Notes from Brazil

"It's amazing how nations can come together for the world's most popular sport…"

Sportsmanship, competition, and fun. The world comes together for many reasons, and during times like this, the importance of staying connected comes into a sharper focus. Right now, millions of people around the world are gathering around their television, gathering in living rooms, local pubs, hangouts, and even in offices to share in the exciting drama unfolding in Brazil.

Not one to be left out, Eddie Jeff, an engineer with, packed his bags and headed to the center of all the action.

“The country of Brazil itself is a sight to see. There are amazing beaches where the water is never cold and restaurants are just feet from the water. Walls in the cities have beautiful artwork depicting song and dance. Even the graffiti on some streets looks better than anything I will ever be able to draw,” Eddie said. “There is an immense sense of national pride in Brazil no matter the class of citizen, ranging from people driving Audis to the man sleeping on the sidewalk with only a cardboard box and his country's flag draped over him. In Brazil futbol is the only sport that matters and for the championship to be hosted here is a once in a lifetime experience.”

Staying connected while traveling abroad is important to Eddie, and with StartMeeting’s international calling feature, he can share all the highlights of the games and his travels with family and friends around the globe without breaking the bank. StartMeeting offers local, dial-in numbers for over 50 countries and counting for just $4.95. Whether making important calls with business contacts or checking in at home, StartMeeting’s international conferencing service ensures that Eddie stays connected when it matters most. “Calling the US from Brazil for a conference call? No problem. I've got a StartMeeting account that gives me local access while traveling,” Eddie said. “I can skip the higher international dialing rates by using StartMeeting to participate in calls back home with my local Brazilian number while abroad.”

“Traveling to Brazil has been an amazing experience,” Eddie said. “Seeing so many people from all around the world cheering on their native countries in such a respectable manner as they compete for the trophy has been very humbling. I have seen people from Ghana singing with Germans, Mexicans chanting with Argentinians, Israelis hugging Palestinians, and Brazilian natives soaking it all in with all nationalities.”

Go ahead, get together! When you need to connect with your international contacts, provide them with local dial-in numbers and enjoy StartMeeting’s reliable, high quality conferencing service from continent to continent.

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