Stay connected during this Holiday Season!

With increased travel costs it can be difficult to get together with friends and family during the holidays. At our site we offer a suite of communication tools to keep you connected.  We have highlighted two services that are great for keeping in touch:

FreeConferenceCall - Get your loved ones all on the same conference call with this simple-to-use service this Thanksgiving weekend.

  1. Sign up at the provided link (hyperlink to registration page)
  2. Write down the dial-in number and access code and place it somewhere visible
  3. Tell everyone about the date and time for the call and provide them with the dial-in number and access code
  4. At your scheduled date and time everyone calls in and talks for as long as you like (note - the max limit is 6 hours)

SimpleBlast - If you can't get all your friends and relatives on a FreeConferenceCall, try sending a blast wishing them all a Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Sign up at the provided link
  2. Add your family and friends as contacts to your phone books
  3. Setup the blast by selecting the date and time you would like it to go out
  4. Repeat as many times as you like-works great for other holidays/events as well

We are thankful for each and everyone of our customers. Happy Thanksgiving from our team!

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