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As many of you may have seen, there has been an email going out announcing our sister company, called Start Meeting, LLC.  Just when you thought FreeConferenceCall could not get any better, it did! is a full featured audio and web conferencing service.   You may register for a free or a premium account which includes screen sharing.   Customers have the option of selecting from a U.S. toll number, a U.S. toll-free number, or a high definition VoIP number integrated with the screen sharing option!

StartMeeting Features Include: StartMeeting, Share Better with logo

  • Audio Conferencing
  • Customizable Meeting Wall
  • Screen Sharing
  • Meeting Recording
  • Web Controls
  • StartMeeting Studio
  • Custom Hold Music
  • Custom Greeting
  • Extra Storage for Recordings

This month we will be covering these features in detail, please check back regularly to learn all about StartMeeting.

To get started today, visit the StartMeeting website and sign up for a free 30 day trial!  There are no commitments or contracts!  Click here to register for your own account!

Our friendly customer service representatives are waiting eagerly to assist you!  Call us today at (800) 644-9070 or send us your questions by email at

Enjoy your conferencing moments!

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