'Pink Relief' Partners with FreeConferenceCall.com to Provide Personal Care Products to Families Affected by Recent Tornadoes

FreeConferenceCall.com Pink Relief event

FreeConferenceCall.com teamed up with Mary Kay Consultants to provide families living in the Southeast United States affected by the recent tornadoes with personal care products. We were happy to be a part of such an amazing event as Kristin Rogers and the Yes! Unit generously donated their time to drive to the affected cities and deliver products to numerous families in need.

We are dedicated in providing quick and efficient communication tools to people affected by disasters. To sign up and learn more about our disaster relief services, visit www.FreeConferenceCall.com/DisasterRelief or call our 24/7 Customer Service line at 877.482.5838 (Domestic U.S.) or 562.437.1411 (International) or email services@FreeConferenceCall.com.

A 'thank you' card to FreeConferenceCall.com

A 'thank you' card to FreeConferenceCall.com

To see more photos from the event, visit our Facebook page or check out the album from the Yes! Unit's Fan page.

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