5 Best Headsets for Conference Call Meetings Online

man with headset on the computer

When attending an online conference call, the quality of your headset is just as important as the speed of your internet connection. If you have poor audio quality, it can negatively affect your call’s productivity and your team’s communication.

If you want to avoid spoiling a good conference call with shoddy audio, you’re in luck: We’re here to show you the five best headsets for conference calls: Read More...

To be Freemium or Not to Be? That Is The Question.

Prmium Forbes

It’s not every day you hear from a CFO of a global company with the word ‘free’ in the name, who says they don’t like freemium based models. Let me introduce to you our CFO, Scott Southron — the man who says just that.

First things first, he defines freemium as, “a two-tiered pricing strategy that offers customers a stripped-down product for free and charges them to access additional features.” Read More...

Resolutions, Smezolutions

Plan and notebook

What does the end of a year mean to you? Better yet, what does the start of a new year mean to you? I am betting you were probably thinking about your personal life when I asked those questions. Now, ask yourself those questions again but think about it from a work point of view.

Brandon Klein, vice president of sales at StartMeeting, thinks resolutions are all that and a bag of chips. He thrives on team building and loves coming together at the end of the year with his team to celebrate the wins, analyze the misses and create shared goals for the future — and he thinks you and your team should do the same. Read More...

FreeConferenceCall.com Favorite Feature Friday: Free International Conferencing

FreeConferenceCall.com Favorite Feature Friday: Free International Conferencing

Friday’s are already the best day of the work week, right? So, we thought we’d add on to the glory that is TGIF and start a blog series with our favorite FreeConferenceCall.com features.

As of late, the most asked question via our social channels is, ‘How does free international conferencing work?’ We are glad you asked. It is one of the best features we offer and still one of our lesser known capabilities. Read More...

FreeConferenceCall.com At Your Fingertips

FreeConferenceCall.com At Your Fingertips

Last week, our very own Vice President of Product Development, Jeff Erickson, sat down to talk with RewardExpert, a service that helps people get the maximum benefit for their spending and flying. You are probably thinking conference calls and credit card rewards go together like peanut butter and mustard. In most cases, we’d say you are right but FreeConferenceCall.com has everything to do with travel. You travel for work. You travel for pleasure. You travel domestically. You travel internationally — and, FreeConferenceCall.com does too. Better yet, we take up very little suitcase space and even fit in your carry on!

When in Doubt Use Tutorials to Figure it Out

Screen shows video conferencing

Tutorial videos are a must. Of course we can explain to you how to use our service over the phone, but when we show you, chances are it will stick a little more. That’s why we created brand new video tutorials that help explain (in detail) how to use our most asked about features.

So, next time you feel stuck or unsure on how something works, be sure to visit our site, head to the Menu tab, click Support, followed by Video Tutorials. Once you’re there, you’ll find our entire library of tutorials and become a video conferencing expert in no time. Read More...

How to Get 100% Free International Conference Calls

Woman talking on a cell phone

Finding a free, high-quality conference call service can be a challenge in itself, and finding one that offers free international dial-in is even harder.

With FreeConferenceCall.com, you can make free international conference calls between 70 countries, whether you’re connecting to Australia, Mexico, the U.K. or anywhere in between. Read More...