Customer of the Month: Jim Bennett

As promised, our October featured Customer of the Month is Jim Bennett of Bennett Associates. He has been a loyal customer for two years and uses our service anywhere from four to five times per month, with that number increasing all the time he says. Find out how has helped Jim and Bennett Associates:

  1. How do you use for your business? My business requires a great deal of interviewing clients over the phone. By using's services, I am able to make it easy for a client to connect with me (no excuses, it's free and you can connect from anywhere).
  2. How do you use outside of business ? I belong to 3 or 4 networking groups where we now use this very reliable service. They are now using the service for their businesses as well. There is no downside. As a matter of fact, I receive a short report as a host which essentially is a record of callers that were on the conference call. I see the phone #'s of those on the call, and for how long they were on.
  3. How has helped you succeed? In my line of work where communication is essential and traveling to see people face-to-face is happening less and less, I now have a FREE and reliable tool that takes away the excuse that we cannot connect. Thank you for this valuable service.

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How to Use the *3 Touch Tone Command: Exit the Conference Call

The *(star) 3 touch tone command is a great way to ensure that you're telephone line will be disconnected properly from our system when you have concluded your call and are ready to hang up.

Why is this important? Some phone carriers will continue to keep phone lines connected to the conference call even after you've hung up. This may cause you're phone carrier to tie up your phone line even if you're not using it. It also prevents the Call Detail Report from being released to the host since it cannot be generated until all parties have been disconnected from the conference line. Read More...

How to Use the *2 Touch Tone Command: Caller Count

While on a FreeConferenceCall, hosts have the ability to get a count of callers on the conference line, by pressing *(star) 2 on the phone key pad.  Knowing the caller count is a great way to ensure all invited participants have dialed in. The *2 touch tone command can also help the host know if anyone new has joined or disconnected while the call is in progress.

Instructions on How to Use *2 Read More... Exhibited at CPAC in Orlando, FL collage of users at a conference

Last week, the booth, represented by our very own Adam Jacobs, VP of Sales, exhibited at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida. We were visited by over 1,000 conference attendees! Some of them shared how has helped with their organizations, campaigns and other events. Check out this YouTube video of George Bush (impersonated by John Morgan) talking about our services. You can also visit our YouTube Channel to see all the customer testimonials from the event. is a great tool for the political sector Read More...'s Disaster Relief Program helps Customers

On Monday, we asked you to share your stories on how has helped you stay prepared. Here are some of the responses we received from customers who used us during Hurricane Irene.

" helped my family stay connected during Hurricane Irene. Most of us live on the east coast and allowed my entire family to get on the same call and talk about what our plans would be if the storm caused any of us to evacuate our homes. Not needing any sort of reservations made it fast and easy to use. Thank you!" Read More...