Thank You for Visiting Us at the Annual ALA Conference and Expo

Last week, the FreeConferenceCall marketing and sales team exhibited at the Annual ALA Conference and Expo in Honolulu, Hawaii.  The trade show was a success with over four hundred new and existing customers stopping by our booth to learn more about our services and features, ask questions and share with us how they benefit from using our products in the legal industry. Among our more popular services were FreeScreenSharing.cominternational conferencing and our mobile applications.  To learn more about these services, please visit our services page.

Useful ways to utilize SimpleVoiceCenter

SimpleVoiceCenter is a complete voice messaging system allowing users to create an unlimited amount of VoiceBoxes for callers to dial in and listen to. Throughout the past, we have had customers utilize the service in a number of ways. Below are a few examples of how the service has been used:

  • School / Sports Organization Updates
  • Training / Educational Seminars
  • New Product Information
  • Houses For Sale
  • Invitations
  • New Band / Musician Recordings
  • Motivational or Religious Messages
  • Promotional Events
  • Great For People Moving In Transit
  • Political Campaigns
  • Customer Service Hotline

Share your experiences with us!

Attending ALA Hawaii? We're Exhibiting!

Next week from April 23-25, we will be exhibiting at one of the premier legal management events of the year, the Association of Legal Administrator's (ALA) Annual Conference and Exposition. ALA offers a comprehensive educational program, unparalleled networking events and the opportunity to connect with legal administrators about the latest in law office technology, products and services at the Exposition.

Our services play a huge role in the legal sector and has helped many firms conduct their work and practice in a much more efficient approach. If you are planning on attending the show, make sure you stop by our booth and meet with Liliya Zherebnenko, Director of Marketing, and Adam Jacobs, VP of Sales, to learn about our new product releases. Read More...

SimpleVoiceCenter offers 3 Plans to Choose from

SimpleVoiceCenter is a complete voice messaging system offered in three great options; free, toll-free and private number. Below are the differences between the 3 different options:

  • Free -This option provides a toll number to dial into. Each caller pays for their respective long distance charges. After setup simply instruct prospective clients, customers, friends or family to dial into the VoiceCenter, enter the access code, listen to the outgoing greetings and leave a message
  • Toll-Free - This option provides an 800 number to dial into your VoiceCenter. This can support incoming sales calls, coaching sessions, or non-profits where the hosting party pays for each callers phone call. This option costs the hosting party 6 Cents per minute per person that dials in.
  • Private Number -The Private Number option provides a direct dial in number which eliminates the access code and is available at a flat fee of $9.95 a month.

How to Configure Extension Types with

Each SimpleVoiceCenter account provides the option to configure extensions after a caller has listened to one of your VoiceBox recordings/greetings. The three (3) different extension types are:

  1. Playback Only - The caller can only listen to that VoiceBox's greeting. Once the recording is done playing, the message will repeat.
  2. Playback and Record - The caller can listen to that VoiceBox's greeting and leave a recorded message. This feature works like a traditional voice mail system.
  3. Dial Out - After the caller has listened to that VoiceBox's greeting, the system will then forward them to a cellphone or land line number of your choosing.

To configure your extensions using a telephone, follow the instructions below: Read More...

How to Add Greetings to your SimpleVoiceCenter

Recording greetings for your simplevoicecenter can be done in a few easy steps. First, access your VoiceCenter account in administrative mode. To do so, dial in to your VoiceCenter number, enter the access code when prompted and follow it with a * (star) key.  You will then be prompted for your numeric password (located on your account confirmation email).  This will work for both the toll and toll-free number options.  If using the Private Number option, dial the number and once connected press the * (star) key, you will then be prompted for your password. Once in administrative mode you will be guided with voice prompts to set up and manage outgoing greetings and any additional sub voice boxes you create. To record a greeting for one of your voice boxes, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the extension number you wish to manage or press # to create a new one
  2. To manage your greeting, press 3
  3. To change your greeting, press 1
  4. Record your greeting - to stop recording press # and press 1 to save (if 1 is not pressed, the recording will not save to the system)

This service also provides the option for you to upload pre-recorded greetings using your account interface.  Login at and follow the step listed below: Read More...