How to Computer Share On A Mac or PC

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Sharing your computer screen is very easy to do, especially when using Our platform gives users one-click access to sharing your screen with participants, no matter if you’re on a Mac or PC.

What’s even better, we give you complementary tools that enhance your experience, whether you’re a presenter or an observer. With features like drawing tools, HD audio and video, and conference recording available across all laptops and devices, we’re more than confident you’ll want to go back to again and again for all your business collaboration needs. Read More...

How to Screen Share with

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Screen sharing is essential in businesses with employees or team members operating in different locations or offices. With a suite of screen sharing tools provided by, your teams can collaborate on projects seamlessly.

Lead a presentation on your computer, sharing your screen with others. Your audience can see exactly what you’ve done on your computer or mobile device, mirroring your view and helping your audience follow along within the browser or app. Read More...

What is an Online Meeting?

Online meetings help team members collaborate using audio, video and screen sharing tools. At, we offer all the resources you need to conduct a successful, professional online meeting with no hassle, and no cost to you or your attendees.

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Now more than ever, companies are adopting online meetings for improving employee collaboration. Businesses use to deliver news, training and webinars. Read More...

Is Remote Work Helping Women Close the Gender Gap?

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The workplace gender gap has improved dramatically in recent decades, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that women will make up 47 percent of the labor force in 2024.

However, a very real pay gap still exists, and women are still underrepresented in a number of occupations, particularly those in the tech industry — only 20 percent of tech jobs are held by women. Read More...

Why Free Shouldn’t Be Feared

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We spend a lot of time in the marketing department evaluating the word ‘free’. As you can imagine, it’s everywhere. It’s in our company name. It’s in our logo. It’s on our website. It’s on our coffee cups. It’s on my pop-socket. It’s even on the license plate of my CEO’s car.

Generally speaking, people L O V E free things. Am I right? People will literally go out of their way to get free stuff. For example, the Chick Fil a across the street from our office opened last summer and they were giving away free chicken sandwich meals for a year, to the first 50 people in line on the day of their grand opening. I kid you not, there were people pitching tents in the parking lot to get their hands on that coupon book — including one of our own! Radio station phones are ringing off the hook each morning when listeners hear the ‘song of the day’ and call in to win free concert tickets. Target customers fly to the store when there is any kind of popular BOGO deal. We also can’t forget all you millennials who comment on your favorite bloggers Instagram post for a chance to win a free Le Creuset. Read More...

Top 5 Online Conference Call Services With Outlook Calendar Integration

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When you’re trying to decide which service to use for your online conference call meetings, it’s easy to focus solely on fundamental features like audio quality, screen sharing and recording capability.

If you use Microsoft Outlook calendar, though, it’s also important to consider whether the service of your choice includes an intuitive and easy-to-use Outlook calendar integration. Read More...