Children Today's 4th Annual Fundraiser Only 4 Weeks Away

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In exactly one month, on Saturday, July 21, Children Today will host its 4th Annual Run/Walk Fundraiser. The event, consisting of a 5k and a 10k, will take place at Marina Green Park in Downtown Long Beach, CA. After last year's successful event, we have signed on as a lead sponsor for a fourth year. In addition to supporting the event, we have agreed to match every dollar raised through this year's Run/Walk. All proceeds will go to Children Today, advocating and providing for children facing homelessness, including quality early childcare and educational programs. We are excited to be involved with an organization that is making a huge impact in the fight against homelessness here in Long Beach.

Children Today Run/Walk 2012 event

How do I record my greeting on SimpleVoiceBox?

A screenshot of the main menu with directions on how to record custom greetings

Recording your greeting can be done in a few simple steps! First, access your SimpleVoiceBox account in administrative mode

  1. Dial into your SimpleVoiceBox number, enter the access code when prompted and follow it with a * (star) key.
  2. You will then be prompted for your numeric password (located on your account confirmation email). This is the process for both the toll and toll-free number options.
  3. If using the Private Number option, dial the number and once connected press the * (star) key, you will then be prompted for your numeric password.

Once in administrative mode you will be guided with voice prompts to set up and manage your outgoing greeting. To record a greeting follow the steps below: Read More...

Introducing June Blog Coverage

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With summer just around the corner, we are excited to introduce all the great services, tools and monthly features that will be covered this month!  Below please find a list of those useful tools:

  • SimpleVoiceBox - Our featured service of the month! Each week we will share different features available with this service, which include:
    • Online Management Tools
    • Recording and Messaging
    • 3 Plans to Choose From
    • And Much More
  • Trade Shows - this month we will be exhibiting at the annual SHRM Conference and Expo. Check back as we share pictures and videos after the event
  • Featured Customer of the Month - check back later this month when we introduce one of our customers and how they utilize our services

In our next blog, taking place Thursday, we'Ll begin our first detailed post about SimpleVoiceBox. In the meantime, what would you like to see in the coming month? Share your ideas with us! Read More...

Featured Customer of the Month: Barry Tomlinson

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It is with great pleasure that we introduce Barry Tomlinson, our feature customer of the month for May! Barry is the Director of Special Projects at The StoneHill Group and has been using TollFreeConferenceCall daily since first signing up for the service. He is responsible for maintaining customer relationships, as well as management within the company. Read our interview with Barry below to find out how The StoneHill Group has benefited from TollFreeConferenceCall:

  1. How often do you use our services? Every day! TollFreeConferenceCall has become an integral part of our daily business at The StoneHill Group.
  2. How do you use TollFreeConferenceCall for Business? Before TollFreeConferenceCall, we only had one conference line for our entire office. Now all of our Managers have their own number and can make conference calls without waiting for the conference line to get free.
  3. How has TollFreeConferenceCall helped you succeed? With TollFreeConferenceCall and its features, we are able to do more conference calls which allow us to reach more clients on a daily basis.

Would you like to share your story? We would love to feature you on our blog! If you wish to be featured, you can do so any of the following ways: Read More...

Billing Options with TollFreeConferenceCall

Earlier this month we shared with you how TollFreeConferenceCall differs from its free counterpart, One difference being that TollFreeConferenceCall allows the host to pay for the cost of all participants dialing into the conference line at a rate of $0.06 per minute per person. Hosts have the ability to pay using a credit card or by check.

At the end of each toll free conference call, our system will create and email a Call Detail Report (CDR) that lists all the conference call participants and the total minutes used during the conference call. Payment can be made either of the following ways: Read More...