Conference Call and Online Meeting Presentations: How to Keep your Audience Engaged

Standing at a podium with a microphone facing the camera, looking out at the audience

Public speaking requires a unique set of skills and talents that most professionals have honed after years of experience. With the emergence of teleconference and screen sharing technologies, professionals are faced with new communications challenges related to capturing their audience’s attention. Online audiences may be less likely to focus and more likely to multitask, as there is little social pressure to set down their smart phone and pay attention.

Despite these challenges, teleconferencing has steadily increased in popularity as a cost-effective means of communication. Business professionals, clergy, activists, and educators can broadcast their message to a much wider audience than they could before without leaving their home or office. Whether you conference in real-time or record your presentations, there are a few techniques that can help keep your online audience interested and engaged: Read More...

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The App combines your FreeConferenceCallInternational accounts in one convenient location. This grouping gives you all the tools necessary to invite, archive different accounts, and connect to your conference calls. Below is an image of what the app looks like; Read More...

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The FreeConferencing app allows you to conference from anywhere at any time as long as you have your iPhone.  It is perfect for those who like to manage their calls but may not have access to a computer.  The application combines the ability to speak during the call and manage the call from the application.  If you don't have the app already make sure to download it today by searching for "FreeConferencing" on your iPhone app store or click here. Read More...