Fundraisers: How to Host a Profitable Event

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Fundraising events are a great way to bring in large donations and publicize your organization. However, throwing an event that is both fun and profitable is no easy task. Successful event planners understand that the bulk of the work, from strategizing to budgeting to marketing, occurs before the event.


Improper budgeting and goal setting can result in a fundraising event that only breaks even or, worse, costs more money than you raised. Your budget and financial goals should be detailed and realistic. Account for all estimated costs, including the cost of supplies that might be donated, such as food or equipment. Be conservative in your donation estimates, and consider padding your budget by 5-10% for unexpected and last-minute costs. Read More...

Social Media Marketing: Take Tips from Political Campaigns

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Political committees have mastered social media marketing, and you can improve your own marketing campaigns by borrowing their techniques to build and expand a supportive base by connecting with audiences who may not have heard of your organization or are biased towards a competitor.

In the 2008 presidential race, Barack Obama’s campaign team was one of the first to truly tap the power of social media. They reached out to volunteers and voters on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and political committees haven’t looked back since. Read More...

Mary Kay Seminar was a Success

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During the end of July and early August the FreeConferenceCall sales and marketing team attended the Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas, Texas. The event was filled with makeup, jewelry, and wonderful people. Mary Kay members have been loyal users of our products, which makes them a vital part of the FreeConferenceCall family. Mary Kay members need to keep close communication with their team, and FreeConferenceCall will be there to make their dreams happen. Among their favorite and most used services are SimpleBlast, SimpleVoiceCenter, and FreeConferenceCall.

The three week event allowed us to introduce our newest service, StartMeeting. Many Mary Kay gals were ready to take on this new service and make their conferences even more exciting! There is no better way to explain something than through visuals and StartMeeting is the perfect tool for just that. Read More...

Congratulations to FreeConferenceCall International!

It is an honor to announce that FreeConferenceCall International has been awarded two Stevie awards!  The awards appointed are gold, for best telecommunications service of the year and the bronze for telecommunications company of the year.

FreeConferenceCall was established by David Erickson, with a simple goal, to provide the best quality service for free.  Here we are 10 years after being recognized for one of our services, FreeConferenceCall International. What began as a simple and easy telecommunication service for the United States has now expanded globally.  Since 2011, FreeConferenceCall has expanded to 30 countries and we are growing!  Awards like Stevie make every single member of Free Conferencing Corporation work harder to create and provide the best services for our valued customers! Read More...

Let Gabrielle Tell You Her Story

Earlier this month our sales team attended the ASAE trade show; which took place in Dallas, Texas.  The show was a complete success. We were able to speak to over 200 attendees. Some of the visitors at our booth were current customers who already take advantage of the services we offer.  Others were brand new and excited to learn about how FreeConferenceCall is perfect for their business.

The most rewarding part of attending these shows is that we have the opportunity to converse with our customers face to face.  It is a great pleasure to listen to our customer’s stories and experiences using FreeConferenceCall.  Make sure to visit our YouTube page to see the testimonials from some of our customers! Read More...