What Brand Is It?

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FreeConferenceCall is the Brand Behind it All

“Born a bakers dozen of years ago, still privately owned by a single individual, it serves millions of people each day, in almost every country, brings people together and has successfully become a household name without making big spends on advertising

until now.”

The Best Things in Life are Free… For 13 Years

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In this month’s FreeConferenceCall anniversary edition we’re sharing stories from people and companies around the world who have helped shape our success. From pastors to business executives, you've all helped make these past 13 years transformational so we want to share your story! Read below to see how some of our customers have changed the way they teach, preach, and write.Read More...

Yahoo Finance Features Robert Wise of FreeConferenceCall

Bob Wise - the Executive Vice President of Corporate Development

FreeConferenceCall.com is expanding it’s reach by naming Robert Wise the Executive Vice President of Corporate Development. Wise brings more than 16 years of experience in the telecommunications industry having previously worked at InterCall Inc. and West IP Communications.Read More...

Host an Online Meeting and Win an iPad Mini!

If you haven’t hosted an Online Meeting with FreeConferenceCall yet, you’re missing out! You could be: