Welcomes 6-Digit Access Codes

Do you struggle with remembering your current 9-Digit Access Code?

If so, you’re not alone. According to psychologists, the “magical number seven” is the capacity for the brain’s working memory, meaning you can only hold about 7 pieces of information for less than 30 seconds. But has a solution for you…6-Digit Access Codes. Read More...

It’s Time to Stop Wasting Millions on Conferencing EVP Brad Dupee Shares with Telecom Reseller How IT Decision Makers are Saving Up to 80%

In a recent interview with Telecom Reseller publisher Doug Green, EVP of Business Development spoke to Executive Vice President, Business Markets for Brad Dupee about why business users have chosen to use and why smart resellers and enterprise IT decision makers are looking to For Business.Read More...

Free Tech Tools to Train Remote Sales Teams

Man using a laptop

A key facet of the success of a sales team lies in effective onboard training and on-going education. In many organizations, the training role resides with human resource employees who have little knowledge or expertise in effective sales techniques. Other organizations utilize top-performing sales teams to lead highly dynamic and effective sales training presentations - only to find company revenue down for the month due to taking their star players off the field.Read More...

Simplify Your Life With Mobile

If you’re looking to make your life easier, look no further.

The Free Conference Call mobile application delivers the tools you need to host or join a conference call in a few simple steps.

Need to join a conference call while driving? No problem. The Free Conference Call app provides one-touch conference commands that connect you to your calls without fumbling through Access Codes.

Download the Free Conference Call App for iPhone

Download the Free Conference Call App for Android

The Future of VoIP According to COO Josh Lowenthal

Customer support looking at computer screen

As part of the Dell Insight Partners program, IT consultant Bev Robb interviewed telecommunications industry leaders for their insights on the benefits and challenges of the current transition to VoIP telephony. In part one of her two-part series, Josh Lowenthal, chief operations officer at provides his views on the future of VoIP and limitations of what he says is a “very transformational” technology.Read More...