Employee Mobility and What It Means to Your Unified Communications Strategy

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By FreeConferenceCall.com President Bob Wise

Technology is transforming the world—and the way we do business. With an increasingly mobile and global workforce, more companies of all sizes are turning to phone and online conferences as a convenient, cost-effective way to stay connected with their employees, partners, vendors and customers. Read More...

Top Strategies for Creating A Truly Customer-Driven Company

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By Bob Wise, President FreeConferenceCall.com

Many companies today are focused on becoming customer-driven or customer-centric enterprises. The terms usually refer to a process of deploying business strategies throughout an organization to better understand and serve customers. That’s an admirable goal, but reshaping company culture can be a daunting task and many fail to get past fielding a few customer surveys or creating a customer advisory board. Others make great strides with their customer-facing workers, but fail to integrate back-office staff. Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a new idea, a project team leader or an executive adjusting to new market realties, research around successful customer-driven ventures indicates there are three key strategies that contribute significantly to success. These strategies offer guidance for everything from creating the business model to retaining customers and letting them help you find new areas for growth. Read More...

Using Outlook ® and Google Calendar™ with FreeConferenceCall.com


Fall is a great time to get organized. With kids back in school and the dog days of summer over, it’s a great time to start some simple “life hacks” to get your business in order. When hosting your next conference call, simplify your invitations with simple integrations for Google or Outlook Calendar and invite participants to your meeting without having to look for your conference call Meeting Credentials. Your Dial-in Number and Access Code will automatically be listed as part of the e-mail when you invite your participants via Outlook or Google.

The integration process is easy and only takes a few minutes. So, whether you prefer to use Google or Outlook, we have the solution. . Read More...

Entrepreneur Magazine Features FreeConferenceCall.com as a “Tried and Tested” Business Solution

Forward-thinking companies need to establish and maintain trust while working to establish a successful brand. Entrepreneur Magazine contributing writer Adam Toren recently reported on what he calls “the most challenging” business lesson.

His article 10 Ways You Can Gain Trust Online features FreeConferenceCall.com as one of the services that tops his list as a way to gain trust through sharing content with clients with regularly scheduled conference calls and online meetings. Read More...

USA Today Names FreeConferenceCall.com A Best Small Business App


Everyone loves getting something for free, and we love that USA Today reporter, Rhonda Abrams, chose FreeConferenceCall.com as the best free application for online conference calls and meetings in her recent story “8 Free Killer Small Business Apps.” In the recent story, Abrams highlights one top app for various business solutions - from building a solid business infrastructure to staying on top of customers’ birthdays. The article notes, “A few years ago, ‘free-mium’ was all the rage as the latest business model. During the economic downturn, online companies wanted to capture your business by enticing you with a certain level of service for free, in the hopes you’d upgrade to the ‘premium’ version. Today, there are fewer freebies, but you can still find many applications absolutely and continually free.”

FreeConferenceCall.com is thrilled to be on USA Today’s list of the best apps to help run a business. While we deliver free HD audio conferencing and collaboration services, we were ahead of our time, making free cool before the “free-mium” trend. Read More...

FreeConferenceCall.com Welcomes 6-Digit Access Codes

Do you struggle with remembering your current 9-Digit Access Code?

If so, you’re not alone. According to psychologists, the “magical number seven” is the capacity for the brain’s working memory, meaning you can only hold about 7 pieces of information for less than 30 seconds. But FreeConferenceCall.com has a solution for you…6-Digit Access Codes. Read More...

It’s Time to Stop Wasting Millions on Conferencing

FreeConferenceCall.com EVP Brad Dupee Shares with Telecom Reseller How IT Decision Makers are Saving Up to 80%

In a recent interview with Telecom Reseller publisher Doug Green, EVP of Business Development spoke to Executive Vice President, Business Markets for FreeConferenceCall.com Brad Dupee about why business users have chosen to use FreeConferenceCall.com and why smart resellers and enterprise IT decision makers are looking to FreeConferenceCall.com For Business.Read More...