Giving Back to Support Women in Technology

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By Mercedes Bankston

The holidays are the time when many of us take stock of the opportunities we’ve had and think about those who might not be as fortunate. Lucky for me, has a culture that supports giving back to our communities year round, so I’ve been able to donate my time and some company resources to volunteer with Girls In Tech. Read More...

Santa's Hotline is Now Open - +1 (605) 313-4000

Young girl talking on phone holding a present in front of a christmas tree announces the opening of its annual "Santa's Hotline”, making it easy for millions of children around the world to call in their holiday wishes to Santa. The hotline is an international voicemail line for children of all ages to leave messages for the North Pole at no charge. Callers across the globe may dial in to Santa's Hotline at 1-319-527-2680. also allows children to call Santa using numbers in 13 countries outside the United States. Read More...

Are You Using the Highest Rated Conferencing Software?

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By Bob Wise, President at

Communication is the lifeblood of any business. The statistics are staggering: 69% of people in large organizations using conferencing on a weekly basis and 22% are using it daily, according to a recent survey by Wainhouse Research. With mobile workforces becoming more commonplace, choosing the best technology to connect your employees is crucial. Conferencing can help win new customers and keep projects on task, so there’s no room to tolerate poor quality or unreliable services. Read More...

Don’t Let the Name Fool You: Some Great Services Don’t Cost a Thing

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By Brad Dupee, Executive Vice President Business Markets, for Business

For the last 10 years I have lead sales organizations, both large and small. Each was tasked with generating B2B revenue in the Unified Communications industry. During that time, it was common for these companies to create fear, uncertainty and doubt about the services provided by our competition. I even trained my teams to go particularly hard against up-and-coming players that provided free or low-cost services. We were very effective at creating an impression that the services provided by these players were second rate and could not possibly be as reliable, secure or as high-quality as required for big corporations to even consider. At the time, I couldn’t possibly have realized that towing this competitive line would serve to create one of my biggest career challenges yet. Read More...

Rules of Technology: Small Companies Often Beat the Big Ones

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By Bob Wise, President

In direct contrast to the so called “Law of the Jungle”, where size rules the day, Stanford Graduate School of Business lecturer and entrepreneurship expert Mark Leslie recently published what he calls “Leslie’s Law”, proving that in the tech sector “small fish (almost always) eat big fish”. Leslie’s theory follows the relentless upmarket trajectory of start-ups and new technologies that erode market share from larger competitors until the “behemoths of the sector are forced to retreat back into a narrowing market niche.” Read More...

Engage Your Audience with a Personalized Wall

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A personalized Meeting Wall creates not only a first impression, but also a personal connection with your callers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to solidify your connections by customizing your Meeting Wall with a photo, your company logo and a brief description of what you do. Better yet, draw your participants into the action by posting a meeting agenda or shared presentation. The more you encourage participation, and personalize the experience, the more you can expect engagement from those in attendance. Read More...