4 Tools for Scheduling a Global Meeting Time

clocks on a wall with time zone of different country

By Nella Marov-Perez, Customer Care Manager, FreeConferenceCall.com

Phew! After more than a dozen circuitous emails, that global meeting has finally been digitally inked into the calendar. That is, of course, until you realize that the time everyone confirmed would be 3 a.m. for the guy in Mumbai. And suddenly, you’ve slid back to the beginning of the planning process. Read More...

Video Conferencing Etiquette: 13 Tips from the Pros

video chatting from home

With video conferencing, there are Do’s, Don’ts, and the rare but always embarrassing moment of, “Oh no! Is this thing on?!”. Perhaps no one is exempt from the occasional moment of chagrin, yet such episodes often reflect a lack of comfort navigating the video conferencing universe. And that, my friends, is totally fixable.

Enter FreeConferenceCall.com, where online meetings are our sweet spot. We asked around the office, where many of our own employees work remotely on-the-go, and collected 13 video conferencing tips and tricks guaranteed to up your game. Read More...

From Huddle Rooms to Process Improvement: 3 Tips to Make Your Workplace Collaboration-Friendly

Team Unity Meeting

By Jeff Erickson, Vice President Product Development, FreeConferenceCall.com

It’s time to call the next play, people: Collaboration is the new standard. The business world has learned that groups tend to innovate deftly, react to mistakes faster and adroitly pinpoint solutions to problems. With that lesson in mind, businesses are embracing the workplace transformation trend more than ever to rework office space to boost team and personal productivity. Read More...

Tips for the Working Parent: 3 LifeHacks to Save Your Sanity

working mother

By Jennifer Zeidler, VP of Marketing & Communications, FreeConferenceCall.com

As all working parents know, time is often in short supply. It’s hard not to feel stretched thin with the demands of balancing the world on your shoulders. There is a seeming inevitability to the tight schedules, laundry backlog and those little everyday surprises — from “Whoops, I forgot my lunch” to “#*!^, I forgot my conference call.” Read More...

9 Myths About Free Conference Call Services and How to Benefit from the Facts

Tornpaper shows the word 'uncover the facts'

By Kelly Kincaid

Every minute of the day, we’re living in the midst of a data explosion. As we sort through all the information — and misinformation — that abounds, it’s easy to get confused. Scouring the Internet for conferencing providers, for example, might leave you overwhelmed. But with so many options, how do we identify the best solution? Read More...